ZSP GHQ in Meritorious Award Hawmna Nei Ding

Lamka, June 16, 2011: Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, GHQ Lamka, Manipur in Press Release a bawlna uah tu kum board tuom tuom apat Class X leh Class XII laivuonna a lawchinna nga teng teng kipapi thu puon ban uah a lawsamte zong lungke lou ding leh a lawsapna uh pansie a nei zaw a, khapet a pan latou jel dingin hantawhna thupuon bawl uhi.

Tuaban ah ZSP GHQ in kum chin a ana sai jel ZSP Meritorious Award tuom tuom te zong hun sawtlou sunga hawm ding chi ahina toh sangnaupang te’n June 25 tan a marksheet leh bio-data kimtah ZSP GHQ Office, Zomi Colony, Lamka a pelut chiet dingin theisahna bawl uhi.

ZSP GHQ in Meritorious Award ahawm dingte ahileh:

Rev T Doupu Memorial Award | Cl-X Zou MIL toppper
Citation + Rs. 3000

Pu Thangkhanlal Meritorious Award | ZSP Cl-X topper.
Citation + Rs. 3000

Pi Vungkhoching Meritorious Award | ZSP members if any among the Manipur Top 10 in Cl-X.
Citation + Rs. 3000

Kapu Saipu Award | Cl-XII Zou MIL topper.
Citation + Rs. 3000

Pu Suohzahau Award | ZSP Cl-XII topper.
Citation + Rs. 3000

Pu M. Tongzapau Memorial Award | Class X highest mark in Mathematics
Citation + Rs. 3000

Dr. Michael H.Taithul Memorial Award | Class X highest mark in English
Citation + Rs. 3000

Dr. T. Tongkhokai Memorial Award | Class X, Highest Mark in Science
Citation + Rs. 3000

Pu M. Chinkham Foundation Award | Class X, Highest mark in Social Science
Citation + Rs. 3000

Pu Thangzalang Meritorious Award | Top 25 rank holders in Class X & XII
Citation + Rs. 10,000 each.

ZSP Award toh kisai thuchien kimzaw thei nuom te’n tam anei a number te ah kan thei ding.

9612599158, 9612479417, 8014066472

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Zokuomthawn – May 29, 2011

Office of The
Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch
65/R, Top Floor, Lok Sabha Quaters CPWD Colony
Vasant Vihar New Delhi-1100

Ahun/Ni:3:00 Pm. 17th May .2011.

——————————————————————————————- Continue reading

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DU Registration Notice: ZSP Delhi Branch

Office of the
65-R, Lok Sabha Qtrs., CPWD Colony, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – 57

May 30, 2011 | New Delhi

University of Delhi (DU) nuai ah Undergraduate Courses – B.A./B.Sc/B.Com simna ding Registration May 28 – 08 June, 2011 sung kihong panta hi. Tu kum Registration hun kumdang sang a ma zaw leh ahun tomzaw ahiman in DU a admission sui sawmte’n ngaiven kin hoi ding hi. Continue reading

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Zogal Memorial Hall Complex inauguration report

“Deep in my heart i cried on a day after the inauguration of Zogal Memorial Hall Complex where several Ministers and VVIPs from Manipur graced the function. Because it have no place in a regional newspapers. Where are the news reporter from Churachandpur town who used to report the news of thief or family matters to the world?” ~ T. Zamlunmang Zou

Manipur Works & Transport Minister, Pu K. Ranjit Singh in Zogal Memorial Hall Complex zanikhan Zovengah a hawng Continue reading

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Zogal Hall Memorial Complex honna vaiguon

INAUGURATION FUNCTION OF ZOGAL MEMORIAL HALL COMPLEX : Your kind presence and participation at the Inaugural Function of Zogal Memorial Hall Complex (Main Hall, UZO General Headquarters Office and UZO Conference Hall) at Zoveng on April 16, 2011 is highly solicited. Pu K. Ranjit Singh, Hon’ble Minister, Works & Transport, Manipur; Pu Thangso Baite, Hon’ble M.P. (LS); Pu T.N. Haokip, Hon’ble Minister, PHED, Tourism & IPR, Manipur; Pu Jayentakumar Singh, Hon’ble Minister, Health & FW, Manipur; Pu Bijoy Koijam, Deputy Chairman, Planning, Manipur; Pu Mangibabu, Government Chief Whip and Pu Ginsuanhau, President, UZO Gen. Hqtrs. has consented to grace the function as Chief Guest, Functional President, Guest of Honour and Chief Host respectively. Continue reading

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MELC & ZYO in Suunna Vaiguon Nei

New Delhi, April 7, 2011: Pu Khuplianlam Tungnung pienna Nu Ginzachiin in April 6 ni’a akhuo uh T. Khajang a a’ng muolliam san zieh in MELC Delhi leh ZYO Delhi in ana ki bawl ngei bang, lusuunna tuoh innsung mite suunpina leh sietvena vaiguon April 7 nitah nai 7 in ateenna inn uh Malviya Nagar ah vaiguon kinei  hi. Tuanah MELC Delhi in vaiguon siem in UZO leh ZYO te’n zong thugenna nei uhi. Tua hun ah MELC Chairman Pu T. Zamlunmang Zou in vaidawn thugenna leh Pasian kungah hun latna nei hi. Pu Bruce K. Thangkhal Secretary MELC Delhi in conductor hina la in, Pastor T. Kamsuanlal in hamuon thu genna nei hi. Tuochi’n ZYO lam apat Pu Kamlianlal in thu genna nei a, UZO lam apat Pu Philip Thanglienmang in thugenna nei uhi. Rev. Jangkholun Mangte Pastor ZCFD in zong hamuon thu genna tomkim nei in guolzawlna toh hun khahna nei hi.

Pu Khuplianlam Tungnung ahileh tuleh tu in Japan ah Architechture lam toh kisai siemna maban zil in um nanleh a lawinu leh a naute Delhi ah um uhi.

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