Defence Minister warns against terror attacks from sea

NEW DELHI: Defence Minister A K Antony on Tuesday warned against dangers of terror attacks from the sea in the region and called for greater international vigil to ward off these threats.

The region already faced a menace from sea pirates and the terror threat had dimensions of bringing in non-state actors as well as agents of transnational crimes, Antony said while inaugurating an ‘International Maritime Search and Rescue Conference (IMSARCON) – 2008’ here.

There should be a continuous vigil by the organisations like Coast Guard as well as maritime forces in the region, he said, adding that cooperation with other countries, including China, was vital.

Pointing out that India and Pakistan were “closely working” in maritime security and search operations, Antony said both the countries would try to sort out differences on other issues.

“New Delhi and Islamabad are coordinating and closely working in maritime search and rescue operations,” he said.

“Whatever the misconceptions about us are outside the region,” he said.

“The two nations would try to sort out differences on the other issues too and work together in the region,” he told the two-day conference in which 300 delegates, including from Pakistan and China, are taking part.

Confidence Building Measures and hotline for fishermen established by both the countries have started yielding positive results, he said.

This is for the first time that a Pakistani maritime delegation is taking part in such a meet. Pakistan Navy had skipped the just concluded Indian Ocean seminar, though the country was represented by its High Commissioner here.



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