The Imphal Free Press | March 11, 2008

‘Famine relief sought from Centre, state guest house opened at Vellore’
By : A Staff Reporter 3/11/2008 2:51:21 AM

IMPHAL, March 10: The chief minsiter, Okram Ibobi Singh clarified that the government has submitted a proposal to the governemnt of India for provision of relief measures to the famine affected people of Churachandpur district in a reply to a starred question raised by MLA, V Hangkhanlian.

The chief minister said his government has further requested the Centre for an additional monthly allocation of 8015 quintals of rice at BPL/APL rates, and the request, according to communications received, is under consideration.

As of now, part-payment of wages in kind (foodgrains) is being made by the DC in consultation with theRD&PR Dept under NREGS, the chief minister said.

He also said improvement of infrastructure in the affected areas are being taken up to facilitate storage of foodgrains before the rainy season, his draft reply to the question further said.

There is however no provision for free distribution of rice and all disbursement of relief material would be a per the approval of the government of India, he said.

To another question the social welfare minister clarified toLA, Th Nandakishore that the state government has opened a guest house in Vellore in Tamil Nadu specially for the benefit of patients from Manipur who go to the medical facilities there.

He said one officer on special duty, OSD, has already been posted at the guest house.

To another question by MLA Danny Shaiza on the details of the government school hostel constructed at Phungreithan, Ukhrul, the chief minister said the scheme is being executed by the DC Ukhrul through the headman, Ukhrul.

An amount of Rs 12.6 lakhs has already been drawn by the headman, and work is in progress with ground levelling completed and foundation work underway.

Answering MLA Dr Usham Deben, the chief minister said the state government has a policy for special incentive promotion for footballers of the Manipur police team who bagged the 55th DN Mullik Memorial All India Police Football Championship in 2006.

He said these promotions would be made after duly considering the related recruitment rules which has a 15 percent quota for players who excelled themselves, as well as the vacancy situation.


Govt response to Ccpur famine flayed
By : M Kaimuanthang/IFP 3/11/2008 2:50:15 AM

Lamka, Mar 10: While most interior areas of Churachandpur district are reeling under famine since the year 2005 and the matter is time and again highlighted by NGOs and philanthropic organisations, the state government’s response to tide over the problems remain wanting.

Neither rice nor rehabilitation for the affected people are available despite the fact that Rs. 9.9 crores have been allocated for rodent control, relief resettlement and to check shifting cultivation in the bamboo flowering areas, according to sources.

While the DC of Churachandpur has been grappling with the situation with all the NREGS funds and facing the famine like situation thereby drawing public applause, the government on the other side has done nothing and no rice has been lifted from Imphal.

The Mautam famine in Manipur presents a unique situation and it is the government’s duty to provide and moot a proposal for rehabilitation of the affected people. Now the poor men and women are willingly contributing his or her share of Centrally sponsored schemes (in this case 50 percent of NREGS) for rice, but the state government has done nothing.

The public of Churachandpur is against the government’s attempt to provide rice at an open market rate or APL rice from NREGS money, said the CDSU in a recent memorundum to the chief minister of the state O Ibobi Singh.

The CDSU has said in the open that this is an attempt to rob the poor man’s share of Centrally sponsored schemes, accusing the government of systematically planning to eliminate and sideline the Mautam famine affecetd people.

It went on to say that the affected people deserved to be treated as poorest of the poor as they didn’t make a bountiful harvest since the year 2005 but the government’s attempt to categorise them above normal is something unacceptable.

The CDSU has warned the government of a stir in case the government fails to take up immediate measures to provide relief to the affected people.


House vehemently condemns Assembly bomb attack, Assembly road to be closed permanently
By : A Staff Reporter 3/11/2008 2:54:23 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 10: Saturday’s bomb attack at the Assembly was strongly condemned by the House Monday and to mark a strong protest on the act of the militants, the House today suspended all the business except the question-answer hour.

After the question hour today, the House discussed the incident as general discussion even though it was put up as adjournment motion by the Opposition leader, Radhabinod Koijam of NCP and O Joy Singh of MPP.
Radhabinod said that the attack was not on the members of the House but on the people and O Joy demanded adjournment of the House to mark a strong condemnation while moving the adjournment motion.

Chief minister O Ibobi Singh who participated in the discussion termed the incident as very unfortunate observing that it would have a great impact on the question of repeal of AFSPA from the state.

The chief minister, who called for a strong condemnation by the House of the attack, recounted that the Centre did not agree to repeal AFSPA from the Imphal Municipality.

He said even the Prime Minister, home minister, defence minister etc. insisted that the state government not withdraw the Act from the Imphal area repeatedly.

The Act was withdrawn from the IMC area considering the sentiment of the people and now the Centre would not hear the pleas for the repeal of AFSPA from the state. Instead, the Centre would now ask for reimposition of the same in the Imphal area.

Instead of responding to the call for talks, they (undergrounds) keep silent and engage in taking away rice and kerosene at gun point, Ibobi said asking what is the objective of attacking houses of the government officials and civilians for not meeting their monetary demands.

Do come out for talks, Ibobi once again invited the underground outfits stating that killing each other is not the final solution.

The government after thorough discussions decided to suspend those officials and personnel who were involved in dereliction to duty. Suspension is not the final thing, they should be dismissed from office. Better to let them go home and take rest if they don’t perform their duties, Ibobi in an angry mood said.

He also said that the government as a first step will open security posts at some sensitive points at Keishampat, Kwakeithel, Airport, Singjamei, Manipur University, Lilong etc. and intensify frisking and checking of unwanted elements.

The Assembly road will be closed till the Assembly complex is shifted, he said adding that alternative routes to the cooperative bank and others will be arranged.

This would cause some inconvenience to the public but considering it as important from the security point of view the people should not blame the government, he said.

With regard to the excessive activities of the militants, Ibobi revealed that even pharmacies had closed down due to unbearable monetary demands and many people had been kidnapped for ransom.

He also urged members of the House not to use tinted wind shields and not to carry licensed guns while coming to the Assembly hall and help the government in taking up effective security measures.

An enquiry has been ordered into the bomb blast incident and the IG intelligence, who will lead the enquiry, will submit a report within a week, he said adding that anybody found neglecting his duty would be considered for dismissal from service, the chief minister assured the House.

Opposition leader of the house, Radhabinod Koijam while putting up the adjournment motion along with O Joy, said that militants need not attack the House if their objectives are to be considered.

The attack was not on the members of the House or on the ministers but on the people of the state, he observed.

“We are sitting here to discuss and take up welfare schemes for the people. If you (undergrounds) think that guns will suppress everything, then there is no need for repealing AFSPA,” Radhabinod said.

“If they think guns can bring the solution, then we have to face with guns,” he added.

O Joy while moving the adjournment motion said that the act of blasting bombs should be condemned by all. The Assembly is a place for the people. So the House should discuss the matter by suspending all other business of the day, he demanded.

Other business of the day may be considered tomorrow and it will be right to do so, Joy observed.

He also recounted that capital punishment was given to those culprits behind the bomb attack on the House of Commons in Britain in 1941.

In the attack on the Indian Parliament too, on December 13, 2001, security forces faced the attackers with sacrifice. But the bomb attack on the Assembly will remain in the history of Manipur. What has been done by the security forces and how are they protecting the Assembly, he asked.

There were enough security forces on the northern side of the Assembly and one CRPF post is also at the Tombisana high School. What had they done. If the security forces can’t protect the Assembly, who will protect the House, he asked.

Why have they (security) remained as silent spectators without taking up any follow up action, he asked.

Intrusion into the high security zone of Imphal city and attack on the House is not a light matter as the people will ask how it happened. So all concerned should make sure not to repeat such incidents in future, he observed.

Independent MLA, Hangkhalian while participating in the discussion said that it is not the right thing to do. The government should take up measures to make sure it is not repeated again.

S Kunjeshwor, an independent in the Opposition also said that police and security forces are threatening only the people. They have no ideology at all. They were brave only in collection of money from the people. UGs seem to operate from the Imphal city and security forces should take steps to control them, he said.

MLA, I Ibohalbi of MPP asked for what purpose was the CRPF post at the Tombisana school. Why did they not try to chase and arrest the attackers. Instead of protecting the people, they are killing the people, he charged.

He also expressed doubt on the role of CRPF posted at the Tombisana school.

There seems to be controversy between the politicians and police. Let the police do their duty. There is no surety that they (UG) will not attack the MLAs and ministers, he added.

The general discussion was also participated by minister N Biren, MLA N Mangi, Dr. Kh Ratankumar from the ruling bench along with Morung Makunga, V Hangkhalian etc.


Three killed, 33 hurt in freak bus mishap at Keirao
By : A Staff Reporter 3/11/2008 2:52:30 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 9: Atleast three persons were killed and 33 including 15 females were injured when an Imphal-Keithelmanbi Molkon via Yairipok passenger bus bearing registration number MN04-1001 met with an accident at Keirao Bitra Langthrei Loukon Nganap Thong Mapa under Irilbung police of Imphal East district this evening around 3.35 pm.

The accident reportedly occurred when the bus carrying around 55 passengers from Andro parking, who were travelling both on top of the bus and inside overturned at Keirao Bitra Langthrei Loukon Nganap Thong Mapa when the driver attempted to avoid a deep pothole on the road. Two of the passengers travelling on the top of the bus were crushed to death at the spot and several other passengers were hurt. One of the injured later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital, according to late reports.

All the injured passengers were immediately evacuated to different hospitals with many ambulances from the JN hospital and Shija hospital being utilised in evacuating the injured passengers from the spot.

A total of 15 passengers including 8 females were admitted to the Shija hospital and 20 others including 12 females are now in the RIMS, while four others are at the JN hospital.

The driver of the bus identified as Md. Tamirudding of Yairpok Phoudel along with three other passengers were stated to be in a serious condition at the Shija hospital.


KCP(MC) allege UNLF, KYKL, PREPAK colluded with Noyon in killing its cadres
By : A Staff Reporter 3/11/2008 2:49:13 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 10: The KCP (MC) has again come out with a lengthy statement putting down its reaction to the statement issued by the three revolutionary parties with regard to the mass killing of its leaders.

The statement dispatched by Tamnganba Meitei, propaganda communicate and technical officer KCP (MC) reacting to the joint statement of UNLF, KYKL and PREPAK said that the party observed March 4, the day on which 15 cadres of KCP including its leader Leibakmacha were murdered as “Black Day” only to prevent repetition of such mass killings and bloodshed amongst fraternal groups.

In the context of the revolutionary history of Manipur and in the “Indian conflicts” these three parties are considered among the well organized groups, however in revolutionary history, there has been no event of killing quietly while hiding behind the people.

There is need for discussion, but the way the trial was conducted by the three revolutionary groups defied all revolutionary theories, it said.

On the other hand, why the three parties did not expose the charges leveled against them before killing, the statement asked alleging that they exposed the murder incident only when it could not be kept concealed.

The party condemned the statement charging their leader after killing them as an act of terrorists citing the instance of how Suddam Hussien was killed.

The act of these three parties is not less than the Indian’s colonial act Armed Forces Special Power Act which people of the state are strongly against. It indicated that the three parties are conducting terror activities in the name of revolutionaries.

Taking decision of the three parties as final decision of the people will be a wrong one, the statement said.

Did these three parties know the ideology of the KCP (MC) and president L Khuman. Taking decision based on the information by the enemy of the party will only invite a civil war, it said.

“We have enough weapons to fight. Its clear example are Heirok, Wangjing attacks and observing the “Black Day” of the party with the support of the people, KCP (MC) said.

Parties should not forget that the day was observed by sections of people who support KCP (MC) and with the courage of its cadres, the statement said.

Stating that the mass killing of KCP cadre was a collusion, the statement charged that the clear example is they took Rs. 1.80 crores from Noyon, who the three parties are said they recognize solely.
“We have exact proof and evidence,” it said adding that the party will not agree with the wrong propaganda to defame and will not remain as silent spectators.

The character, ideology of Noyon should be known by those who with him, the KCP (MC) said adding that he and his accomplices were those people who see only the money. This can be known from the cadres who were with him and now run out from them and joint the KCP (MC), the statement said.

As KCP (MC) does not want bloodshed among the same blood remained silent for such a long time.

Many similar incidents of killing had occurred at Bangladesh and at Sajik Tampak, it said adding in one of such incident one cadre, Robindro had died.

Even though the party remained silent for a long time only to prevent bloodshed but instead of rectifying the wrongs, they are trying to make the party wrong. So, “We are ready to defense ourselves,” the statement of Tamnganba said.

There is no doubt in adding some cadres of the party which have been always ready to fight with the “Indian occupational force”. Now, the party is ready to with the theme “Cheng puraga cheng sing,” said the statement asking the club, meira paibis, NGOs and frontal organizations not to express one sided view.

The party will give punishment to those who oppose in the seeking donation for buying weapons for the party and punishing those officers, MLAs and ministers who do not know their duties after prior announcement to the people.

The party after six months of investigation by its mobile task force came to know the culprit who directly involved in the killing of King, Koko, Erai and L Tomba during 2006 and 2007 at different places.

The statement also give the name of those culprits as Chingsubam Lokeshore, pradhan Phumlou Kwasiphai, Sukham Joy of Sagoltongba , Phijam Amu Singh of Phumlou, cashier and staff of Hoarang block and asked them to surrender to the party within March 15, 2008.
If they fail to surrender and request for forgive, they will be given hard punishment, the statement warned.

In the meantime, it also asked the RIMS director and superintendent to surrender to the KCP (MC) within March 15, 2005 for their alleged misconduct by throwing some of its cadres into the jaw of the enemies when they go for investigation into misconduct that they had done in the appointment of JNM nurses and attendant (contact basis).

They will also be given hard punishment if violet the warning of the KCP (MC), it said.

When the party awarded the people cited above, people should not protest or condemn in any way. Instead people help in rectifying them in time.

Lastly, the statement appealed people to extend to KCP (MC) to bring a revolution in the society.


NPF-led DAN stakes claim to form govt, NPF get 26, Congress 23 seats
By : Newmai News Network 3/10/2008 1:44:55 AM

Kohima, Mar 9: Even as results of one more Assembly constituency is yet to be declared, the Nagaland People’s Front (NPF) led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) with the support of four independent candidates have staked claim to form the government in Nagaland on Sunday.

The DAN led by former chief minister Neiphiu Rio today held a meeting at Dimori Cove in the afternoon along with four independent candidates Chotisuh Sazo from 18 Chozuba A/C, Dr. Ngangshi K Ao from 25 Mongoya A/C, Dr. KC Nihoshe from 35 Zunheboto A/C and P Dako Phom from 49 Tamlu A/C. Rio was unanimously elected the leader of the alliance partners.

Subsequently, the NPF having 26 seats with its allies Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) two seats each and the support of four independent candidates totaling to 34 elected representatives approached the state Governor, K Sankaranayanan staking claim to have got majority seats and asking to be allowed to form the government.

The NPF fared well this time as its strength has increased to 26 from the previous 19 seats in the 2003 Assembly elections while for the Congress it was a gain of just two seats, rising from 21 in the previous election to 23 this time.

Mention may be made that no single party has been able to reach the magic figure of 31 elected members while re-polling and counting of votes under 33 Suruhuto A/C will be held on Monday.

Out of the 59 seats declared, Congress has won 23 seats while independent candidates, winning six seats, are playing a major role for any party to form the government in the state.

Meanwhile, official sources said the result of 33 Suruhuto A/C under Zunheboto district is yet to be known as the re-poll in Polling Station No. 9 Suruhuto Town has been re-scheduled for tomorrow from 7 am to 4 pm.

The counting of votes of all the polling stations would be held right after polling ends, sources revealed. Sources also said that the re-poll in the polling station could not be held due to involvement of some underground elements in the area. One cadre of NSCN (Unified) was killed while two others suffered bullet injuries in a clash while re-poll was to be conducted in the polling station on Sunday.

A win by NPF candidate Hokheto in the constituency would allow the NPF led DAN to reach the magic figure without the support of independents and form the government while a win by Congress candidate Khutovi or independent candidate Shetoyi Sumi would result in a hung Assembly.

Meanwhile, results of two A/Cs under Zunheboto district were declared today with Congress candidate Tokheho defeating NPF candidate Pukhai by 774 votes in 34 Aghunato A/C and NPF candidate Kaito defeating Congress candidate Inavi by 1712 votes.

Mention may be made that this 11th Nagaland legislative Assembly elections has shown the downfall of several political heavyweights and also seen some unexpected victories. Some political heavyweights who were defeated in this election include former home minister Thenucho, former industries minister Khekiho Zhimomi, former health and family welfare minister Dr. TM Lotha, former transport minister Imtilemba Sangtam, former finance minister K Therie, Tiameren, Z Obed and E T Ezung.

Interestingly, of the five former Naga Students Federation (NSF) presidents that contested in these elections, only Neiba Kronu could emerge victorious while the fate of Hokheto will be decided by the results of today’s re-poll at Suruhoto constituency. Supongmeren and Moatemjen, both also NSF leaders, met defeat.

All four women candidates who contested were also defeated.
The 11th Nagaland legislative Assembly will also be seeing quite a good number of fresh and young faces.


Security beefed up at Assembly complex, Imphal areas in aftermath of blast
By : A Staff Reporter 3/10/2008 1:43:47 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 9: Four sections of the 1st IRB posted at Churachandpur and three companies from 5th and 6th IRBs have been deployed in and around the Assembly complex in addition to those currently deployed in the aftermath of the blast at the Assembly complex yesterday.

In the meantime, a security meeting attended by the top brass of the state police department and SPs and commandants of the IRB and Manipur Rifles was held today with the state DGP, Y Joykumar in the chair.

The Assembly session which is to resume tomorrow after a break of two days is also likely to discuss the blast at the Assembly complex by deferring all other agendas of the day, a reliable source said.
On the other hand, the SPs under transfer order are likely to take their respective charge tomorrow as no taking and handing over took place today.

The security meeting which was held at 8.30 am today at the office chamber of the DGP prominently discussed the law and order situation in the state in the wake of the blast at the Assembly. The meeting reportedly lasted for about half an hour.

Even though what had transpired could not be immediately known, a source indicated that the meeting reviewed the security deployment in and around the Assembly complex and in the Imphal city areas and its outskirts.

The source went on to disclose that the meeting had resolved to intensify the security in the sensitive areas of the Imphal city including around the Assembly complex.

Four sections of armed 1st IRB personnel have been called out for protection of the Assembly complex. They are to be deployed in addition to the formerly deployed one.

Apart from this three more companies of 5th and 6th who were under training at Manipur Police Training School, Pangei have also been deployed in all nooks and corners of the nearby Assembly complex.

The security was also beefed up today in the Imphal areas most importantly at the main roads entering Imphal city following a directive from the DGP in the aftermath of the blast.

Yesterday itself, after the blast took place, the DGP directed all concerned officers of the state police department to carry out intense frisking and patrolling in the area of domination.

He also ordered the SPs and COs concerned to ensure their area of responsibility as done earlier with immediate effect.

Following the order of the DGP, regular mobile check posts at main entrance routes to Imphal city at Minuthong and Sanjenthong, for which area of domination lies under Imphal east district police and Moirangkhom, Keishampat, Khoyathong, Sagolband and Uripok under Imphal west district police have been intensified.

Considering the security measures taken up as witnessed today, the sitting of the Assembly tomorrow will be under tight security as never witnessed before.

On the other hand, in a rejoinder to the news report under the heading “Assembly comes under bomb attack, but tragedy averted” carried by the IFP, the deputy inspector general of police (ops), CRPF, Imphal said that no CRPF company is located at Tombisana school.

It said, however, earlier the E Coy of 8th Battalion CRPF was located at the school but had been shifted on January 29 this year to Keithelmanbi on NH-53. The rejoinder is related with the para which reads “A CRPF post is also located at Tombisana High School opposite to the MSF office, but according to witnesses, the personnel merely peered out of their post and did not come out when the loud report came.”


Meeting to combat violence against women held

By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 9: A one-day consultation meeting on effective implementation of ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violences Act 2005’ today drew the attention of Manipur State Human Rights Commission, Manipur Women’s Commission and Manipur aids Control Society for sharing the resources while combating the issue of violence against women and girls.

The consultation held at the state youth centre at Khuman Lampak was marked by sharing of personal testimonies by women who were victims of violence of different kinds.

Speaking at the meeting, Kh Chonjon Singh, former member of the Manipur Human Rights Commission said that women were victims in 10 % of the crimes that occurred in the state.

The most common crime committed by the men on the women was torture by the husband. This kind of violence is within the domestic violence, he said.

He said, the domestic violence act is meant for protecting the rights of such women.

Many prominent persons took part in the meeting as resource persons. Among them were RK Memcha, additional CJM, Imphal and A Noutuneshori, JMIC, Imphal. Karnajit, DIGP range-I, SA Shishak, WDO, Social Welfare and U Nobokishore Singh secretary CSD, representatives of various NGOs and other concerned organizations also participated in the consultation meeting.


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