Killers were KYKL cadres, claims DG | KYKL derides DG’s claim

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20: Director General of Police, Government of Manipur Y Joykumar has claimed that the proscribed outfit Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) is behind the recent killing of 15 non-local migrant workers in different parts of the State.

Making this claim during a press conference at the conference room of SP of Imphal West here this afternoon, the police officer disclosed that following a tip off from a highly reliable source about the presence of armed persons who were directly involved in the killing of seven migrant workers at Heiyel Hangoon under Mayang Imphal Police Station on March 17 in and around Mayang Imphal IB Road, Charoibung and Upokpi area, a combined force of Bishnupur District Police Commandos and Imphal West District Police Commandos rushed in to these areas at around 9.30 pm yesterday.

As the combined force approached the western side of Charoibung Heibong Makhong, they came under heavy firing from unknown armed militants. The Commandos also retaliated the firing. The exchange of firing from both sides lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes after which the militants appeared to have fled the scene.

After the firing ceased, the area was searched and the commando team recovered two unknown male bodies lying along the inter -village road of Charoibung. One AK Rifle loaded with magazine having 9 live rounds and one pistol loaded with four live rounds of ammunition were also found lying near the dead bodies.

Both the bodies have been picked up and brought to the RIMS Morgue, the DGP informed.

In the follow up action based on another tip off from the same source, the DGP further disclosed, the Maruti Van bearing registration no. MN01W-0046 grey in colour belonging to one Waikhom Lokendro alias Kocha (30) s/o W Mangi Singh of Wabagai Keithel Macha were also picked up today in the morning on suspicion of being used the vehicle by the militants in bringing the seven migrant workers to Heiyel Hangoon of Mayang Imphal on that fateful day.

During the course of interrogation, Lokendro revealed that on March 17 at around 3.30 pm, two unknown armed youths came on a motorcycle to his house and forced him to accompany them with his van. One of the unknown youths got into his van and forced him to drive to Wabagai Terapishak. The seven migrant workers with their hands tied from behind were brought out by two person identified as Sarangthem Sanjoy alias Robert s/o S Biramani Singh of Wabagai Keithel Macha and Elangbam Dutta s/o late E Modhusudon of Wabagai Keithel Macha.

Both Sanjoy and Dutta were armed and they are known to Lokendro since they are living in the same locality, the DGP said.

The seven migrant workers were put on to his (Lokendro) van and both Sanjoy and Dutta also got into the van and Lokendro was forced to drive to Heiyel Hangoon.

On reaching there, the migrant workers were asked to get down and Lo-kendro was asked to take his van some distance aw-ay. Thereafter, Sanjoy, Dutta and another person who had originally forced Lokendro to drive to Wabagai Terapishak shot dead all seven migrant workers.

After the work was done, all three of them got into the van and made Lokendro to drive till Sekmaijin bridge where the three got down with their weapons. Thereafter, Lokendro came back to his house.

Both Sanjoy and Dutta are known KYKL activists, the DGP said, adding that Sanjoy is holding the rank of corporal of the proscribed outfit.

The DGP further informed that Lokendro had also been taken to RIMS morgue and there he identified the two dead bodies recovered from the scene of the encounter to be those of Sanjoy and Dutta.

The DGP said that the police is making all out efforts to trace out the third person involved in the killing.

Police have also got some vital clues about the culprits involves in the incidents that took place at Keibi Takhel area and Kakching in which more migrant workers were killed on March 18.

These clues also point to KYKL being responsible for the killings, the DGP contended.


KYKL derides DG’s claim

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20 : Categorically rejecting the claim of the DGP, the proscribed KYKL today said that it was not in any way connected with the killings of migrant workers during the last few days.

A statement issued by the deputy secretary of the publicity and research of the KYKL today said that the report of the DGP that S Sanjoy of Wabagai Keithel Macha and E Dutta of the same place were killed in an encounter at Cheirongbung Makha Leikai is baseless and aimed at tarnishing the image of KYKL.

Asserting that the DGP was lying through his teeth, the outfit claimed that Sanjoy and Dutta who were killed by a combined force of Imphal West police and Bishnupur police under the claim that they were killed in an encounter were in fact done to death after they were arrested from the house of Oinam Mangi Mainu who is a member of the Hiyanglam Zilla Parishad.

The outfit further said that it up to the public to decide whether to believe or not the claim of the police that the two were killed in an encounter while the fact stands that the public saw the two men being picked up by the police.

Sanjoy and Dutta were not cadres or sympathisers of the KYKL, claimed the statement and added that they had no weapons at the time of their arrest.

As such the allegations of the police are without foundation said KYKL and added that the propaganda has been launched to tarnish the image of the revolutionary movement in front of all.


Three UG suspects killed in stepped up security vigil

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20 : At least three suspected militants were killed in different parts of the State during the stepped up security vigil following the killings of 15 migrant workers during the last few days.

According to the SP of Imphal East, one suspected militant was killed in an encounter with police commandos today at about 6.55 pm at Keikhu Mayai Leikai under Porompat police station.

Detailing the incident that led to the slaying of the UG suspect, the SP said that it occurred while a team of Imphal East police commandos were on patrol duty at Keikhu Mayai Leikai.

During the course of the patrolling duty, the police team came across three persons moving in a suspicious manner, said the SP and added that the three first opened fire at the police team.

The commandos also retaliated and in the ensuing gunfight one of them was killed while the other two managed to escape.

One pistol with a number ammunition, two demand letters of PREPAK, one wallet diary etc were recovered from the slain person, he said and added that the body has been deposited at RIMS morgue for identification and post mortem.

Another suspected UG cadre was shot dead by troops of 16 JK Light Infantry at Toubul Patpan under Bishnupur police station at about 11 pm yesterday.

One 7.6 pistol, one live round and an empty case was recovered from the slain cadre. The unidentified deceased appears to be below 30 years of age. He had wheatish complexion and ear lobes pierced and short hair. The word ‘love’ was found embossed on the back of right hand. A rose was also painted on the chest. He had a mole on the left side of the face near the nose. He was wearing cargo pants and red jacket with stripes on the sleeves.

A fatal bullet mark was observed on the left side of the chest.
Police have retrieved the corpse and deposited the same at RIMS mortuary.
In another incident which took place at Kangla Awang Leikai where another UG suspect was shot dead by Imphal East commandos at about 2.30 pm today.

One 9 mm pistol, four live rounds and demand notes addressed to Government employees were recovered from the slain cadre. He was hit by two bullets on the chest and abdomen.

The deceased has fair complexion, was well built, tall and good looking. The deceased was wearing jean pants, a grey shirt and a pair of white canvas shoes.

The corpse has been deposited at RIMS morgue.


Migrants at relief camps, No food provision for victims

IMPHAL, Mar 20: Even as the State Government has opened relief camps for migrant labourers in the wake of the recent massacre, the labourers are facing starvation as the Government is not providing any food to some of the camps. On the other hand, protest sittings were staged today against killing migrant workers today.

At Chaoyaima Higher Secondary School, Thoubal where a relief camp has been opened, altogether 150 migrant workers and their families are taking shelter. But during a visit by this reporter to the camp today, it was found that the State Government did not provide any food to the inmates. The non-locals were seen contributing Rs 10 each to buy rice and potatoes for their meal.

The inmates who have been restricted from venturing out were provided rice and some dal by 34 Assam Rifles at about 11 last night.

With the rice and dal provided by the AR, they cooked khechri and shared together even though it was enough to fill one’s stomach.

The parents were helpless when their children cried in hunger as they were not allowed to go out of the camp to buy even a packet of biscuit. Even as the Government assured adequate food to the inmates, not even common salt has been provided to the camp. Cooking utensils were also arranged by the inmates themselves, lamented one of them. But for the non-locals staying at the relief camp opened in Kakching police station, the Kakching Bazar Board has been providing food. Moreover, Wabagai A/C MLA Usham Deben has donated Rs 3000 and a rice bag of 50 kgs. Kakching A/C MLA Y Surchandra and the Chairperson of the Kakching Municipal Council have also donated Rs 3000 and Rs 1000 respectively towards the camp. Meanwhile a DIPR release informed that necessary preparations have been made to open a relief camp for non-Manipuris currently taking shelter in police stations, police outposts, Dharamsala, Alu Gali and private buildings. Eight non-Manipuris who stayed in Kakching police station have left the State. They were escorted by police to Imphal airport.

On the other hand, protest sittings were staged today at Thoubal Mela ground, Thoubal Athokpam and Singjamei Liwa Road with a call to halt killing migrant workers. The protest sitting at Thoubal Athokpam was jointly organised by Athokpam Meira Paibi Apunba Lup, Pari Kanba Lup Khangabok and Thoubal Okram Meira paibi Lup.


Killing of migrant workers, UNLF urges all to seriously introspect

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20 : Asserting that it was not in any way connected with the killing of 15 migrant workers in the last few days, the proscribed UNLF today said that such mass killings cannot be condone anywhere in the world.

In a statement issued to the press today, the outfit said that there have been instances in the past where sporadic killings of migrant workers had taken place with no on claiming responsibility and added this is the first time that killing on such a scale has taken place in Manipur.

On the other hand the UNLF has also stated that the people of Manipur should have pondered over the question of why such incidents have occurred a long time back and tried to zero in on the reasons and factors behind it.

To stop such killings it is time to let the whole world and not only India to know the factors behind such killings, observed the outfit.

Sharing its thoughts, the outfit said that India, which is the second most populous country in the world has seen many communal clashes and recalled how the 300 year old Babri Masjid was ransacked and desecrated by the majority Hindus. In Orissa Christians have been at the receiving ends of Hindu fanatics, said the outfit and recalled the gruesome killing of Graham Staines and his children. The outfit also recalled the massacre of numerous innocent Sikhs in the aftermath of the assassination of Indira Gandhi as well as the pogrom unleashed against the Muslims in Gujarat some years back.

The majority community continue to trample upon the minorities in India, claimed UNLF and added that it is in this situation, where there are huge divides based along caste, creed, community and religion that the modesty of many wo-men from the North East re- gion have been violated in mainland India. In short Manipur will never be able to experience peace and harmony as long as it is under India, a country which believes in caste- ism, communal divides and religious bigotry. Given the reality, it is natural that such killings will continue until and unless a policy is framed to protect the identity of the minorities, reasoned UNLF. It will not be wrong to say that such killings have occurred because of the skewed views of the Indian Government. Citing examples, UNLF said that before Tripura was annexed by Delhi, the indigenous people constituted 85 pc of the total population. But after it was taken over by India, the population of the indigenous Tripuris has dropped to only 29 today, it said and added that political and economic power have been taken over by the Bengalis. On top of this the culture and identity of the Tripuris are under serious threat.

Even in Assam after outsiders started to stream in and took over the work of manual labourers at the tea gardens and brick fields, conflict erupted over rights to land among the Ahomias, Bodos and Karbis, claimed UNLF. As such it is time for the people of the North East to seriously deliberate upon the incursion of migrants which has led to the erosion of the identity and culture of the people, said the statement.

Even in Manipur today, the population of migrants is more than the population of the hill people, said UNLF and added that this can be easily seen from the number of migrant workers staying near the commercial centres of Imphal and at district headquarters like Chura-chandpur. The continuing influx of outsiders has po-sed a challenge not only to the identity and culture of the people but has also resulted in the migrant wor- kers taking away the job opportunities of the local people, said UNLF. This trend has also lulled the general public into a sense of complacency, it asserted.

To the UNLF, it is not the moneyed class of outsiders who pose a threat to the identity and culture of the local people, but the migra-nt workers, who have assi- milated themselves into the social milieu of the State, said the statement and cited the example of the many instances of native girls marr- ying the non -local people.

This has led to a situation where a good number of natives have lost their sense of being a Manipuri, claimed the statement.

Since many minorities have adopted certain steps to protect their identities in different parts of the world, UNLF would also like to lay down a few words of caution, said the statement and observed that in the conflict situation that Manipur is in presently, it would be hazardous for all outsiders to come to Manipur.

As such it would be much more positive for the migrant workers to leave the State immediately, advised the outfit.

On the other hand, the natives of the North East region have to realise the fact that all Indians are given the right to settle in any part of India by the Constitution is nothing but a larger scheme to totally annihilate the distinct identities of the people of the region, said the outfit.

The outfit also urged the people to seriously study the inner meaning and implications by the then Defence Minister George Fernandes at Moreh when he said that the Government of India would build a ‘fence of humans at the boundary.’


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