Slur casts on 10 AR

IMPHAL, Mar 19 : The Zou People Council has alleged that personnel of 10 Assam Rifles along with activists of the United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) bashed up villagers of Khullen Khailet in Sajik Tampak on March 14 night.

Insisting that on the fateful night the security force personnel maintained vigil around Khullen Khailet village while UKLF activists unleashed terror, the Council further charged the AR team that accompanied the UKLF cadres of threatening to thrash the men and women folk, raze down the entire village without sparing even the children in case they (villagers) defy UKLF diktats.

Recounting suffering of the villagers, the Council said many Zous had been facing difficulties in day to day survival in the aftermath of the Indian Army’s ‘Operation All Clear’ during which houses in seven village including three inhabited by the Zou people were completely destroyed forcing the people to settle in other villages where there is semblance of security ambience.

Contending that the UKLF gang and the central security forces have been ceaselessly conniving to wipe out Zou and Baite communities from their own homestead, the Council also urged the Baite people settled in Sajik Tampak area to join hands in keeping away disturbing elements.

While cautioning that prolonging the UKLF-Army campaign would provoke the Zou people to resort to appropriate measures towards safeguarding the villagers and properties, the Zou people Council stated that any untoward incident arising out of the situation should be the sole responsibility of authorities of the security force being stationed at Sajik Tampak areas.

The Sangai Express


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