RIMS threat to close down undefinitely if KCP threat persists

By : A Staff Reporter 3/21/2008 1:59:26 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 20: The RIMS authorities and staff have decided on the sine die closure of the hospital if the underground KCP(MC) fails to withdraw its threats to the RIMS officials and staff by March 31.

Stating this, Dr. Y Mohen, medical superintendent, RIMS during a press conference held this afternoon at the RIMS Jubilee Hall mentioned that the harsh declaration of the KCP(MC) to take action against all RIMS staff which was published in various local dailies of the state today had caused serious concern among all the staffs of the RIMS.

He said that in connection with the reports all sections of RIMS employees in a joint emergency meeting held this afternoon around 2.30 pm at RIMS Jubilee Hall minutely considered the recent charges and allegations against the RIMS director and RIMS MS in the recruitment of nurses and Grade IV staff at the institution.

Besides, the meeting also considered the serious threat perception to all 1688 employees of RIMS and the employees unanimously decided on the sine die closure of RIMS from March 31 if the KCP(MC) does not withdraw its threat.
The RIMS authorities sent formal intimation of the proposed sine die closure of the RIMS from March 31 to the Prime Minister of India and concerned Union minister of health late this evening.

It may be recalled that the underground KCP(MC) had called for the surrender of the director and medical superintendent of the RIMS to the outfit on or before March 15 on the charge of being involved in attempts to appoint staff nurses and Grade IV staff sponsored by some other underground groups.

Besides, due to the strong threat from the KCP(MC) to the RIMS officials the state government have started investigating the process of appointments to the said posts. On the other hand, the KCP(MC) has blamed the RIMS authorities for giving the names of some KCP(MC) sponsored candidates to the police.

But the RIMS authorities have clarified that there was nothing like this as they never mentioned the names to the police during investigations and it would be very sorry affair if the hospital was to close down for the sake of a few persons, Dr. Y Mohen said.

He further mentioned that the problem arising out of the issue would be addressed to various civil and social organisation in the state, as the RIMS authorities had no alternative other than asking for justice from the people.



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