SPDC I NATIONAL CONVENTION pan kigelh Kawlgam thu khunpi tawh kisai

From: Tual Khan Suan

(Adopted by the National Convention)

Chapter (I)

(1) (b)na “ Gam min pen Pyidawngsu Thamada Myanmar Naing-Ngan Daw” kici ding hi; (the State shall be known as Pyidaungsu Thamada Myanmar Naing-Ngan Daw) leh (c)na “Gam pen minam tuamtuamte kipawl khawm in a kilam khawm a hihi” (The State is a nation wherein various national races make their homes together) pen thu kizom hi a, numbat (c)na bulphuh a gam kilam khia ding hi zaw hi. Amau(SPDC) te’n Kawlgam sungah minam (race) tuamtuam teng khawm a hih lam theihpihna (recognization) nei uh hi. Tua theihpihna a piakna uah, Kawlgam sungah minam (race) nam (135) val bang om hi ci’n tangko uh hi. Tua a hihman in minam tampi kigawm khawmna gam ( nations-state) gam khat ah kilemna a omna ding leh gam a kipkhona ding a kilawm kituak pen gam lam khiat zia in Federal system a hihi. Kawlpau a “Pyidawngsu” cih kammal pen mangpau in “ federal” hi ci’n a kilet khiat hangin SPDC te zat “Pyidawnsu” khiatna leh deihna pen “ Unitary system” gam lamkhiat zia hi a, Federal system hilo hi.

Leitung ah minam khat bulphuh a gam kilam khiat gamte sung pan Japan gam bangah “ Unitary System” a zat uh pen haksatna leh buaina omlo hi. A hizongin minam tamna gam (multi-nation state) a hi India, Switzerland, USA te ah “ Unitary System” tawh gam kilam khia zolo a, “ Federal system” bek tawh kilemna leh gam kipkhona ding na kisem thei hi. Tua bang a minam tamna gam a hi Kawlgam ah zong “1947 kum a thukhunpi kigelhna a kizang Pyidawngsu cih kizang Unitary system tawh kilam khia gam sungah kilemna om tuan lo dinga, Federal system bek a kilawm pen a hihi.

(2) (f) na sungah “ Mailam ah gam sung leh minam sung vai khat peuh ah galkapte kihel theihna ding” (for the Tatmadaw to be able to participate in the national political leadership role of the State) pen gambup khat i ngimna bulpi khat sungah koih dingin a lauhuai mahmah thu a hihi. Khat veivei galkap mangpi te in minam leh gam a ding a mau bek na sem bangin leh a mau sepna hang bek tawh minam in suahtakna a ngah bangin koih thei uh hi. Pakistan gam a galkap mangpi a hi Pervez Mursharaff in nekgukna leh mipi haksatna tuamtuam pan in Pakistan gam a hon khia Pa in a mah leh a mah a kikoih bangin Kawlgam sungah zong galkapte in Kawlgam in suahtakna a ngahna uh leh gam bup a kipna na pen a mau hotkhiatna bangin tuat kha uh hi. Kawlgam suahtakna ngahna dingin galkapte in Burma Independent Army cih min tawh makaihna nei ngei mah uhhi. Suahtakna ding gal dona pen politician te gelna pan a gah khat a hih lam kitheilo kha hi. A hizongin BIA a phuan khia pa Gen. Aung San in galkapte nasep ding pen tel mahmah a hih manin politics a sep nop tak ciangin galkap puan suah khia hi. A mah ( Aung San) in galkap te in minam leh gam a ding vengbitna ( defence) lam a sep ding zia uh zong a ma muhna na gen hi. Kawlgam suahtakna ngah khit teh 1950 kimpawl in Sen gam pan Kuomintang galkapte hong buluh sukna ah Kawl gam galkapte in nasia takin na do thuk uh a hih manin galkapte vaang hong kah to hathat hi. Tua banah 1958 kum in kawlgam sunga linglawngna (political instability) hangin Gen. Ne Win in aana hong teng a, kawlgam mipi te’n galkapte kimuang kha hi. Tua bang teng hang tawh Kawlgam sungah galkap te in kawlgam bitna pen a mau sepna hang hi ci uh a, mailam ah zong a mau ( galkap) te in thu neihna nei suak den ut uh hi. A hizongin galkap te nasem ding pen gam mipi te bitna leh lungmuanna a om theihna ding leh gambup bitna ( defence) tawh kisai a sem ding bek hi a, ki-ukna leh vaihawmna lam a sem ding hilo uh hi.

(4) (b) “ A omsa gamkhen ( region) sagih leh gamke (state) sagih pen kikipsak suan a, tuan gamkhen ( region) sagih leh gamke (state) te a status leh thuneihna ( authority) kikim nei ding hi” the existing seven divisions are designated seven regions and the existing seven states are designated seven states. Those seven regions and seven states are of equal status and authority. Gamkhen (region) leh gamke (state) pen a thu leh la pianzia kilam dang hi. U Aung San in Kawlgam suahtakna ngah ding lai tak in Kawlgam kilam khiat ding zia a genna ah gamke ( state) khat kilam khiat theihna dingin “ a) Kawlte tawh minam kibanglo minam hi ding, b) Ngeina, lai leh kampau kibang nei minam hi ding, c) Pu leh pa khang pan a tenna gam khat uh hi ding leh thu dang pawl khat na bulphuh hi. Tua hi a, gamke (state) pen minam khat hihna a lak khat a hihi. Gamkhen ( region) pen gam kumpi in gam sung vaihawmna nopna ding a gamkhen kibawl ( administration Unit) khat a hihi. A sung a teng minam tuam hi tuan se lo hi. Tua hi a, gamke ( State) leh gamkhen ( region) pen hamphatna kibang, thu neihna kibang leh status kibang a SPDC in a koih pen minam neute a dingin supna a hihi. Gamke (state) pen minam bulphuh a kibawl hi a, gamkhen ( region) pen administration unit khat a hi lel hi. Hih nihte a kibang in koih ding a kilawm lo thu a hihi.

(5) (a) “ Gambup thu neihna sang pente a hi thu khun bawl theihna, vaihawm theihna leh thu khen theihnate a hi thei zah in kikhen tuam ding…..” (the three branches of State power, namely legislative power, executive power and judicial power are separated as much as possible and exert reciprocal control, check and balance among themselves). Hih pen gamkhat a dingin gamlam khiat zia ahi federal state or unitary state hi maw, hi lo cih tehkakna tawi suang a hihi. Federal state gamte in hih thu neihna sang pen nam thum teng pen a tuam vilvel in koih uh hi. SPDC in hih nam thum teng pen kikhen ding ci na pi uh in, bang zah ciang a kituam khen ding cih a gen loh ban uah, a mau thum teng sungah check and balance kibawl kik sak thei lai uh hi. Tua hi a, Kawlgam pen Federal state hi lo a, unitary state lam in zo zaw hi.
(b) “ Gambup Innpi ( Parliament) pen inndei tungnung leh inn dei nuainung ci’n kikhen na ah inndei nuainung ah khuapi huam leh mimal bulphuh in kitel ding a, inndei tung nung ah palai ding pen gamkhen leh gamke te sung pan a kikim palai kitel ding hi. Hih thukhunpi tawh kisai in minam neute a dingin ngaihsut huai pha diak hi. Inndei tungnung ( upper house) pen minam neute a dingin a mau rights venbit theihna ding leh pu leh pa khang pan ki luahsuk uh gamleitang a hut bit theihna ding ua, lampi om sun mun khat a hihi. Minam lian leh minam neute rights kibang, kikim ngah ( equality) hi cih amahkhan ( guarantee) a piakna mun zong a hihi.A hizongin SPDC te bawlna bangin inndei tungnung a tu ding palai kitel ding a hih teh Zomi in Pek khat a ngah ciangin Kawlmi Pek sagih a ngah hi ding a, satan kikim nawnlo hi. Inndei nuainung (lower house) ah bel mimal khempeuh zong gambup vaiah kihel theihna ding bawlna khat a hih manin mimal tamte in satan tam zaw a ngah na uh a hihi. Mimal tamzaw te in palai tamzaw a neih theihna ding mun a hihi. Minam lian zaw te in minam neuzawte a zawh thawh bawl lohna ding un Inndei tungnung thukimna omlo in thukhun a hi a, vai thupi khat peuh kihawm thei lo hi.

(d) “ Gambup thukhunpi kipsak sa bang in Gambup Innpi, gamkhen innpi leh gamke innpi te ah Galkap mangpi’ tel a hi Galkap nasem palai te kihel den ding hi”. Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, Region Hluttaws and State Hluttaws include Tatmadaw servicemen Hluttaw representatives nominated as such by the Defence Services Commander-in-Chief in numbers stipulated by the State Constitution. Hih pen Kawlgam politics ah galkap tem un khempeuh ah kihel ding cih ngimna a hihi. Bitna ( defence) nasep leh gambup nasem, vaihawmna nasep kibang lo hi. Gamkhat ah galkapte nasep ding pen defence ( gambup bitna) lam tawh kisai vaihawmna ( administration) nasem te’n kisam a sakna uah nasem ding bek a hihi. Sa leh gal vai tawh kisai a gam thuneihna ngah kumpi te in a thupiakna uh sem ding bek a hihi. Gambup vai ding kikupna ah a mau kisapna om masa hetlo hi. Gamsung bitna ding hi in, khantohna ding hita leh a mau tawh kisai masa lo a, a mau nasep ding hi lo hi. Tua hi a, hih thu pen galkap kumpi in thuneihna (power) a deih luatna uh bek a hihi. Gam itna hilo hi.

Theih ding: Hih ka gelh thute in Upadi siam khat in Upadi mit tawh a et a sittel bang hilo a, gam mi ( civilian) khat i muhna a gen bang a kei ma muhna ka gen a hihi.



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