-Fidel Haupu

“The spirit of the slained Zou innocent groan for Justice…Is it a delay or deny…???”

Be a conservative,communist,Marxist,liberal or whatever you termed yourself, there’s one thing that we have in common-i,e the love for one’s community or nation.Gones are the days that our fore-father courageously fought the British with great vigour, to defend the interest and sovereignty of our community or nation.They neither bow down to the British nor surrender and proved equal to every threat posed to them, thereby the British failed to proved that the sun never set in their empire.

Many instances prove that the fighting spirit or the unity maintained by our fore-father are not inherited to the ancestors.Have they been in the 21st century, the Zou community will be one of the most unified and prosperous society in the world. They have shown the British that the Zous are the Kshatriyas community of the Zo Suante.

Considering the political imbroglio within the Zou community in the light of the present situation, many questions are left yet to answer.Do are life worthless than others in manipur?? Why our blood bleeds in vain?? Do we die for no reason?? If the 24th June 1997 saikul incident escalated to a full fledged communal tension between the Kukis and Paites(pro-zomi), the 50+ Zou innocent butchered mercilessly during the kuki-paite conflict need a fresh attention.

From its inception till the existence of more than 50 years, the Govt. of Manipur/India didn’t make any confusion between the ZOU/ZOMI. If Pu Hangkhanpau, Adviser,ZRO failed to make the Government understand about ZOU/ZOMI(United Zomi Organisation), he has to consult his predecessor or if he cant tackle the problem,owing moral responsibility,he has to resign without surrendering or mortgaging our United Zomi Organisation for 5 years MLA.

Everythings has a season and every action has equal and opposite reaction. If USSR can be disintegerated or the Irish Republican Army succumbed to the pressure of the British government,the present Zomi-Taliban will annihilate themselves in the days to come.Who has binded us in Zomi-Ideology or ZRA.??? The Government of India and Pakistan make every efforts to heal the wounds and remove the scars of partition through peoples to peoples contact .Theefore it s a high time for the Zomi-Taliban to heal the wounds of 1997 massacre to the Zou peoples. Before constructing a skyscraper, it is wise to laid a firm foundation, in such away that the Zomi movement has a long way to go, if Justice is denied to the slained Zou innocents, someday ,some where in their journey, they will realize and regret the ROAD THEY HAVE NOT TAKEN.

The spirit of more than 50 Zou innocence groan for Justice, are you ready to deliver…???? Under the Zomi-Taliban’s rule, where the court summon a person to settle a dispute without giving the right /chance to speak or utter a word,Justice is not only delay but completely denied,Justice will always be a distance dream if you didn’t volunteer yourself to deliver. The blood of our slained brethens calls for Justice, will you deny…????!!!!!


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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One Response to ZOGAM CALLING

  1. Tungnung Zhou says:

    I’m surprise to learn that my article ” Zogam Calling” suffer from so many criticism,threat and arose controversy from disguise identity.Infact the more we pretend to forget or hide the truth,the more it will haunt in the heart of the Zou peoples/ sentiment.Our memory cant be erase by threat,or criticism.How long the Zomi-Taliban can deny the truth??How long do they need to pretend??Its worth to respect the dead rather than denying what they had done to them.No matter what they do,the blood of the Zou innocuous stained in their hands can not be erased nor wash away by AK-47,M-16,but through our traditional way of settling despute(as per Zou custom & Culture).Since someone who disguise himself as Zokhankhual ask a few query,I’m here to clear his doubt.

    1) Zomi-Taliban – ‘Cos if you want to know,awake from your dungeon and see what happen in the world,and try to learn the Policy and Ideology of the Taliban,compare with ZRA,after that you end up to realize by saying ” oh!! my God,we are the only Taliban existed in a democratic country like India.We can continue to kill whoever against us”. Am I clear.???

    2) Its a fact that not only 50+ Zou innocent are mercilessly murdered,but also 444 houses set to ashes as reported on the 5th may 1999 by the Commission set up by UZO General Assembly.I,myself have seen the corpses eaten by DOG in one of the village set to ashes by the Zomi-Taliban.How can we pretend to forget…..?????

    So,what my article “Zogam Calling” wants is Justice.Let us strive and fight for Justice.Zomi Taliban will continue to eliminate those who speak the truth or raise their voice against them.Beware and take a decision in time,tomorrow,you may be the next victim.Today,if Mr.X’s mother moan her son,tomorrow who knows,your mother may moan you,and will continue to moan you till her last breath.Brethens,Fight rather than be oppressed,Die rather than loose your Honour.

    -Fidel Haupu(via Email)


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