Late Rev. Khup Za Go’s Zo Chronicles to be Released

Carey Tuangpu

Zo Chronicles – the revised edition of Chin Chronicles by Rev Khup Za Go, my father – will be released on 30th March, 2008 at the Zomi Christian Fellowship worship service. This book is published by Mittal Publications and is a collection of important socio-political documents pertaining to Zo people. It is hardbound with a jacket and will be priced at Rs 595 (in India).

Zo Chronicles is one of the two books my father was working on for quite some time leading up to his hospitalization in October 2004 and finally his untimely demise on April 9, 2005. The other being his autobiography, Leivui Panin which my father saw to its publication.

Zo Chronicles, or more precisely my journey in bringing about the publication of the same, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “a blessing in disguise”. This journey fills the gap and the void left behind by the absence of my father in my life. Let me take the liberty to share with you how Zo Chronicles lets me see the bottle as half full!

The vacuum and emptiness felt behind by the demise of a loved one is not easy to fill. And like anyone else who has lost a mother or a father, there are a million things which you wish you had the chance to do – for him or her. I wish I had the chance to do something for my father. I wish he could be there when I took home my first paycheck. He would have been proud of me no matter how small or big the paycheck is.

A profound longing of mine is the chance to do things together with my father. That wish is, in a way, granted to me in the form of Zo Chronicles. Yes, corny as it may sound, in leaving behind an unfinished work my father and I had the chance to work together on a project, albeit in a totally different timeframe.

My father worked on Zo Chronicles for quite a considerable time – typing up all over again from scratch in our poorly lit and unairconditioned rented house in the midst of Delhi summer heat. And I had the task of seeing through its completion: of course with the help of some very able friends like Mr H Kham Khan Suan Lecturer BHU, Pa Kam Khan Siing, Miss Jacqueline Hauching (who was of great assistance to my father in the initial stages of finding a publisher for the manuscript) and Dr Lam Khan Piang without whose help and assistance my efforts would have been in vain.

My contribution in bringing about the publication of this book is not in any way noteworthy nor did I have to go all out of my way to help. But, however insignificant my contribution, it has lifted a nagging feeling I had had within me – to still commune with my father, to work on a project together or to simply do something in his memory. Zo Chronicles gave me the chance to do that and I am a happier and more contented man today.


1. Customary Law of the Chin Tribe – 1884
2. The Chin-Lushai Conference – January 29, 1892
3. The Chin Hills Regulation – 1896
4. Acts and Achievements of Hau Chin Khup, K.S.M., Chief of The Kam Hau Clan, Tiddim, 1927.
5. The Pau Cin Hau Movement in the Chin Hills – 1931
6. The Panglong Agreement – February 12, 1947
7. The Frontier Areas Committee of Enquiry – April 24, 1947
8. Memorandum Submitted to His Majesty’s Government, Government of India and its Constituent Assembly through the Advisory Sub-Committee by the Mizo Union – April 26, 1947
9. Proceedings of a Meeting of the Accredited Leaders, Lushai Hills held at Aijal on 14th August 1947
10. Special Division of the Chins – 1947.
11. Chin Hills Linguistic Tour – (Dec. 1954) – University Project – 1954
12. Reunification of the Chin People, 1960
13. Memorandum Submitted to the Prime Minister of India by the Mizo National Front General Headquarters, Aizawl, Mizoram – October 13, 1965
14. The Mizo Peace Accord (Memorandum of Understanding) – 1986
15. The Declaration and Agreement of the Zo Re-unification Organisation – May 19-21, 1988
16. The Proclamation of the Name Zomi – December 6, 1988
17. Memorandum to the Secretary-General of the United Nations – May 20, 1995


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