Suspended CHIKIMS Insurgency Movement

By Donn Morgan Kipgen

The recent killing spree on pre-Holi days in both the hill and valley areas of Manipur was a grim reminder that even an unique insurgency movement could be as bloody as any global terrorism. It really was bullets and bloods all the way, guns ablazing left, right, behind and in smoky front. Nobody is safe and none exempted from the purview of death and man-made disasters. A courageous citizen might warily asked: “Quo Vadis, my brothers-at-arms?” Chances are that :”Nowhere, buddy, stay out of the line of fire,” or “Just shooting around for any possible kill, my ol’ man, you better stay put at home for your personal safety’ cause we are dealing on hard talk business,” would be the crisp answer. In the hill areas, the Kuki and other CHIKIM UG Militant outfits are all on real bloody factional or interecine killing business over the past two years as the undesirable outcome of the vague Suspension of Operations (SOP).

In the valley areas, its all about Hitlerite armed extremism off late and that of continuous allegations of faked or staged encounters. The slaying of 15 non-Manipuri traders a week or so ago was an act of socio-political crime of high magnitude. Could that also by any chance be a smoke screen for the “Oust-Ibobi Govt” Scheme on Law and Order “poisoning” along with the bomb attack on the State Assembly Compound? Not probably, but they all did carry the necessary taste and flavour anyhow. But it’s that calamity Suspension of Operation (SOP) which really rocks the state’s insurgency movement and literally torn apart the very fabric of the CHIKIMs’ brotherhood.

Without any concrete basis and attainable promises, like that of NSCN (IM)’s Greater Nagalim, almost all the CHIKIMS UG outfits signed the “blow hot and blow cold” SOP with just moral support and monetary assistance for grasp. Unfortunately, all Kuki militant outfits who are in the bad books are allowed to be shot at sight if they are seen carrying firearms without “authorisation” from the nearest military post.

Now, who says there is an all out cease-fire in the form of SOP? The Kuki militants are now clinging in an old rickety “Suspension Bridge of No Return” just above a swift running deep river water, right in the midway, with heavy thunderstorm acoming. And the suspension bridge just could not carry the whole weight and the heavy weights, so something’s got give and give it did. The cost of factional clashes and other victims aftermath the SOP were the Commanders-in-Chief of KNA, KNF, KLA, KRA, ZRA, KRA (U), and scores of hardcore leaders and well-known sympathisers. Many regular hardcore CHIKIM militants and even suspected sympathisers have been ruthlessly eliminated as and when the sun goes down.

What the state and union armed forces could not achieve in ten long years period of all-out military operations pertaining to dead bodies count, the SOP succeeded in just 2 years period. No armed forces personnel needs to worry about tribal UG militants since they undeniably do the needful to themselves in gory factional encounters and coups.

Indeed, this is bound to happen but certainly not how things happened just about every minute here in the hill areas of Manipur and Nagaland. What the Union Govt. wants is to make an appeasement policies with more friendly tribal UG militant outfits with a controlled-carrot and stick diplomacy to open all-round CI Ops against valley-based militants by using all the surplus military units for a time being. Diversion of all Army/AR and Central Paramilitary formations (engaging previously against a dozen tribal UG outfits in both Manipur and Nagaland) so as string together all available Combat resources to operate as combined/unified military forces for search and destroy missions against valley-based UG outfits is the main objective.

In order to open up a full-swing combat fronts, including a Land-Air running battles like the US Marine’s Sparrow Hawks Special Forces (SF), a well-coordinated assault with atleast 3:1 military superiority ratio is needed against well-armed and well-trained MPLF (esp. UNLF and PLA) hardcore cadres in open skirmishes/gun-battles. The audacious ‘infiltration- screening assault’ on T. Minou village near Moreh wherein the unwary AR detachment was pounded and smoked out literally by a handful of UNLF cadres is a good lesson needed to be learned all armed units that everybody is vulnerable to stunning and daring attacks by well-armed hardcore militants.

The CHIKIM militants need to learn this “chivalrous assault” if they want to be respected and honoured as genuine UG militants outfits. Action speaks louder than words. But this not to say that military post be attacked just to show one’s fire-power nor does it meant that such tactically daring attack upon the AR be praised as successful. Coming back to the SOP, the main problem is that local military officers/authorities, at times, made much more psycho-activities than what the Union Govt. intended or what the higher authorities would like to have at all times. Alleged pitting or “supporting” one particular CHIKIM UG Outfit against another SOP’s ignatories and the repeatedly alleged activity of providing what could be best termed as act of “Disinformations and Misinformations” reportedly by some local military authorities for their own interests are, if provable officially, the real bane of CI Ops and SOP/Ceasefires. What the CHIKIM UG Outfits ought to do is to refrain from carrying out bloody activities and anti-CHIKIM elements on the basis of disinformations or malicious advises of tainted political leaders and misadventurous law enforcement authorities so cheaply with so high a return price. Nothing is better than a real and sincere peaceful existence in all walks of life.

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