Lian Hangluah

This Sunday morning didn’t seems like the other Sunday. I woke up early and saw the bright sun shining. I never thought that I would face such a bad day. I took a shower dress up and went for work. I’m a kind of person who swim against the flow, when most of my friends went to church or enjoyed their day off on Sunday, I’m busy at my profession, with even no time for love.

Soon after 3:30pm I took a break for 3 hours and went back for work at 6:30pm, being Sunday most of the customer come to dine and went back home early cause they need to go for work the next day, so they want to relax for a while.

Soon after my work gets over, I came down to brigade road (most happening place in b’lore). On my way I saw a Zomi lady speaking over phone with her friends, a Hindi guy stood beside her touching her body. I was so shocked to see the lady which I’d never expected that a zomi lady would have a booze in the bar and sell their body at around 1:00 a.m. I feel that I was going home late but this was the right time for the lady to make a friendship with the unknown guy.

So I was shock to see the unfamiliar behavior of a Zomi lady, I was helpless, I can’t teach her a lesson cause she was already under the influence of alcohol, besides she was already sold for a night. After staring at the lady for a few minutes, I went straight to my home, I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking that our parents may feel proud to say that their daughters stay in city, earn thousand of rupees. But I’m sorry to say that they (our parents) never knew the root cause of their daughters’ income. Majority of the city girls live out of their parent’s expectation.

As for me I believe that the best way of earning is man’s work in his own hand just think that our parents care us and give a proper education, after getting educated, they sent to city not to misbehave with others but to earn and learn new things which you can motivate or cultivate it in your home town. Is it fair that just because of a lady’s misbehaviors the name of the whole community would get be spoiled?????????????

Are we working for charity? Why did our parents send to city (leaving home town)?? After working in sex scandals for a couples of years, she would suffer several unknown diseases, parents would start asking (Bawi bang chi e nidang a hichibang natna nei ngei lou hi chin a?). But their parents would never admit that their daughters enjoy such a stupid lifestyle.

Finally she couldn’t hide her tail. She’d tell about her past affair with the unknown guy but it would be too late (Paite khonung pil kichi a dik daan non thei pan di).

What should be done to stop all this unwanted behaviors?

It depends upon you. You should think that you won’t get easy money when you became mature. Nobody will need u any more (it’s just a stupid thing). Lastly, but not the least, self control is the best medicine.



About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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  1. Anonymous says:

    khang lai te groupki form un len zep hui te zep di aa ih khua lam pua kik di hi mai lo ii?
    ih om na ciat ah zo khang lai meeting nei zel in um dan siam lo te thu ki hil di ci dan in ki vai pua thei uh la cin hoi di hi ,ka lung nuam vet sih,mi ten bawl leh zong ein ih gam tat lo,ih bawl lo di ki sam ma ma hi,zo te mi za ki pha lo hi,lam kai hoi na ki form kin ta un,ken zong hing support vang ei,
    Topa thu pha.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Though I din’t have the right to condemn people’s life, i would like to say that I can see more in depth of the SINGTANG MI’S life in the cities(I don’t mean all of us are in the same track). Now, it is a high time to take a new step with God, following rightly the Bible that we have and we will live a physical and spiritual healthy life. Be ready to give your own account with your life when you meet God! Khaile Sanggam kipan tha vai!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hizieh mama a eimi numei khopi a nasem a umte ZII ding a ka geltheilou avele…Zum huai taluo…zumhuai taluo…Kolte’n ahing simmaw na kaal ua UI in zong hing gel nonsih ve un maw. Tami lesson a nei in ZO LIENU ten i umdan uh siempha chiet va ui


  4. Anonymous says:

    Zomi nungah tangval i tam ta, mun chin gam hin ah iki thethang ta uh, ahoi zong i um dia, a sia zong i um tham ding uhi. Mi khat hinkhuo pen ahinkhuo nei nu/pa’n adei banga a kizah ahiman in bangma va gen tam zong ngailou kasa hi. Ahi’n mihing khat ihina leh i mim i sa pen ki ngaina vevaw ahiman in tabang ngaidan leh puonatna zong um thei tham hi.

    Kei ngaidan ahileh let them enjoy thier life. Let each person live their life out of criticism and disturbance from other people. Chi himai!!


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