Ccpur ‘blood suckers’ shock town

By : M Kaimuanthang

Lamka, Apr 12: In a bizarre incident that shook one and all here, a small boy of 12 years was whisked away yesterday by two persons who took his blood with the help of a syringe.

According to a reliable source, yesterday at about 7.30 am Mangkhanpiang, son of Lamzathang was abducted by two unidentified persons who took him to the New Lamka area where there are paddy fields. The two extracted one full syringe of blood from the boy. The boy is reading in Class IV at the Ebenezer Academy at New Lamka.

Not content with that the two persons made cuts on the right arm of Mangkhanpiang apparently with the aim to extract more blood. But by then the boy felt the looming danger on his life and bit the hand of one of the men. While the man was groaning in pain, the boy ran away to safety.

Many NGOs after coming to know of the incident later today resorted to condemning the act.

One such organisation, the New Lamka Young Paite Association, YPA, has categorically stated that the act has shown to the world that violence on humanity has no limits and spared not even the minors.

Urging one and all to nab the culprits if they happen to know them they called for an end to such beastly acts in future.

In another development, a woman was killed and three others including a man sustained serious injuries today around 8.30 am in a mishap between Saikot and Dumsai village.

According to a source, the deceased was identified as Chindeihching, 37, wife of Thangkhanpao of Dumsau village. She has left behind three daughters and a son.

The sources further said that at the time of the accident they were heading to Dumsau village on a tractor carrying bricks.

The tractor plunged down into a canal running beside the road as it was trying to make way for another vehicle coming from the opposite side.

The injured were taken to hospital but Chindeihching succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

Out of the four others who are now undergoing treatment at the hospital, one Chingzachin is reported to be in a serious condition while the condition of the other three namlely Ngaineiching, Lemruatkim and Kamgin (male) is stable.

Mention may be made that they were doing work under the NREGS today.



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