CCpur : Death toll of children put at 22, HSA gives a lie to Health Department report

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Apr 16 : Contradicting the earlier report of the State Health Department that there is no outbreak of epidemic in the interiors of Churachandpur with some children having succumbed to chest infection and viral fever, the Hmar Students Association today claimed that so far 22 children have passed away between January and April this year in Tipaimukh sub-division.

The deaths of the children come in the backdrop of the rice shortage at the interior following the bamboo flowering phenomena.

Significantly all the children who died during this period were aged between one month and 8 months.

Giving details, the student body said that six children passed away between February and March this year at Lungthulien village alone while the time of the death of two other kids at the same village could not be ascertained.

At Leisen village, three kids passed away in March, said HSA while another three children also died at Leisen village in March alone.

Three children each passed away at Tinsuong village and Damdiei, said HSA and added that all the six children in the two villages passed away in March.

One child each passed away at Parbung, Patpui-mun, Senvon, Rovakot and Patpuihmun.
The latest victim was an 8 month old child from Rovakot who passed away on April 14.
Even as the HSA has furnished details, such as names, the identities of the parents, the month of their deaths as well as the villages of all the victims, Health Minister Parijat has stuck to the Health Department earlier report that there is no epidemic.

In a statement dated April 15, the Health Minister said that the Chief Medical Officer of Churachandpur led a team and visited many villages in the interiors, including the villages which HSA had listed where the children had died, and reported that the death of one child was reported from Senvon village while two deaths were reported from Lungthulien.

There are reports of the deaths of six children in other villages, said the Health Minister and added that one death was reported from Patpuihmun.

A team has also been sent to Lungthulien and Parbung areas on April 14 with adequate medicine, said Parijat and added that a specialist team consisting of one physician, one child specialist from Chura-chandpur district hospital along with the District Malaria Officer will also visit Parbung, Lungthulien and Leisen areas on April 16 (today).

Further the Health Department has also despatched two consignments of medicines to supplement the stores of the CMO, Churachandpur, the Minister informed and claimed that there are no lapses on the part of the Health Department.

The Minister asserted that there is no cause for alarm and appealed to the public to remain calm and carry on with their daily activities.

RIMS authority has also decided to send a team including six specialists to the interiors of the district on April 21.

Meanwhile a health team led by the District Malaria Officer has rushed to the interiors of CCpur district today.

The State Health Director said that this is the fifth time that medical teams have been sent to the interiors of CCpur and added that if needed another health team would be sent from Imphal.

Other than conducting on the spot investiga-tion the team health will also collect samples for further studies, said the Health Director.

Referring to earlier reports, the Director said that the reports ruled out the outbreak of epidemic. Most of the cases detected earlier were chronic chest infection ,viral fever and respiratory infections, he added. Joseph Hmar, spokesman of All Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur ( Atsum) said the death toll has risen from 15 to 22 at eight remote villages under Tipaimukh sub division since the past one week.

“We tallied this figure after collecting the figures from different villages and the tally might increased as our members are yet to cover some more villages”, the student leader said. Atsum and Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (Desam) along with a health team including specialists with medicines will also move to the affected villages probably on April 19.

Categorically holding the Government responsible for the deaths of the children, Joseph Hmar said that the deaths could have been prevented if only medical facilities were available in the remote areas. He also appealed to the authorities to take immediate steps and contain the situation before it worsens.

Cops issue mobile alert

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Apr 16: The State Police Department has provided a list of mobile phone numbers that are being utilised by various UGs operating in the State and appealed to the people to note down and avoid receiving these numbers.

In a statement, Senior Superintendent of Police Imphal West L Kailun said that some of these numbers have been deactivated. However, some are still found to be active.

The mobile phone numbers are 9436087464, 9436038020, 9436022964, 9436020938, 9862707168, 9856181314, 9862490912, 9856152116, 9862900648, 9856358850, 9856507361, 9862923162, 9856907149, 9436871856, 9862099873, 9856759590, 9856357290, 9862831450, 9856165968, 9862917606, 9856474782, 9856940485, 9856940488, 9436662594, 9862593630, 9436033898, 9862771950, 9436178469, 9856762882, 9856233198, 9856849290, 9436871856, 9436689575, 9436033033, 9856563616, 9856563619, 9856563618, 9856563617, 9856563615, 9856563613 and 9862638127.

The police officer further informed that in case of receiving calls from one of these numbers, the district police or police stations concerned may be informed immediately for taking up necessary action.Curfew lifted : Imphal West DC has lifted curfew imposed in the capital city, report NNN.

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