Team to verify infants’ deaths, Deaths may not be natural, opines CMO

Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Apr 17: To get a first hand account of the situation in the interiors of Churachandpur district, in the backdrop of the contrasting reports received over the number of children who passed away in the last four months, a team of top ranking officials headed by the Chief Medical Officer, Churachandpur will leave for Tipaimukh tomorrow.

The CMO however will be setting out under the belief that ‘the death of 12 children merely in three months may not be natural.’

The team comprising the CMO/CCpur Dr S Gouzalam, District TB Officer Dr P Nengzadou and DFWO Dr T Hartlang will be the seventh medical team to visit the area in two months.

They will be joined by the two teams already stationed there.

The team of specialist that was deputed yesterday have reportedly reached Lungthulien today and mass check-up of children at schools has started. Another team comprising of seven medical officers from RIMS, according to sources, will also head for the area on Monday.

In an exclusive chat with this correspondent, the CMO, Dr S Gouzalam today said six medical teams have been deputed ever since reports of unusual deaths of children surfaced in January.

Of these, four had filed their report, and none, as was shown to this correspondent suggested the slightest outbreak of epidemic in the region. But, unwilling to take any chances, the CMO has opted to verify the situation by himself. They will, besides study the probable reason for mass death of children, if the reports are true.

The first medical team that visited the area from 23 to February 29 confirmed the death of three children in Senvon village but cited different complications for the deaths.

The second team visited Tinsuong, Damdiei, Rovakot and Sitam villages from 10 to March 13 confirmed nine deaths, of which six were children with three each from Tinsuong and Damdiei. Here also, the report cited different reasons as the cause of dea-ths. The third team that visited Lungthulien between Mar- ch 24 and April 3 reported death of two children due to viral fever and chest infection. The report however maintained that the disease was under controlled as no new cases were reported. The fourth team deputed in between April 7 and 14 to Patpuihmun area said one child died of infection in his leg. Despite the medical reports of the visiting doctors failing to hint any unnatural death or epidemic, the CMO still declined to rule-out the reported outbreak of epidemic until he gets a first hand account reasoning ‘the death of 12 children merely in three months may not be natural.’

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