Mizo youth calls for protecting indigenous identity

Aizawl, Apr 20 : In view of the massive descecration of forests and active proselytisation move by disruptive elements, a meeting of the tribals belonging to various groups was convened at Kalayan Ashram here in order to discuss and decide about the strategy to deal with the twin threat to the culture and identity of the tribals in Barak Valley. After discussion in which headmen of the pumjis participated, it was resolved to take up the matter with the higher authorities concerned for remedial measures.

On the occasion, Ram Thanga, a Mizo youth, said that it is a matter of great concern that the tribals are losing their homes and hearth due to systematic destruction of forests and its wealth on which their sustenance and livelihood depend. Equally alarming is the fact that missionaries are active in their proselytisation move. He reminded the fact that in Mizoram there are still people who continue to retain their culture and identity though the state has 90 per cent Christian population. He advised those who have forsaken their indigenous identity on “coming back home”.

Ram Thanga quoted from Gita to say that it is one’s swadharma that makes one proud. Tribals of various groups have to join hands to resist the forces of disruption in order to preserve their faith and culture. The misguided individulas should come back and for that he called upon the youth to take up the cudgel. Original culture and religion are the basic mantras of life, Thanga pointed out. A young man of 25, Thanga is well versed in Gita, which he has translated into Mizo language. “Gita should be read by everyone to understand the intrinsic values of life”, he stated. Lamare Khasia and Bindu Lal Karbari (Chakma) spoke in the same voice and called upon all tribals and non-tribals to stand united in order to foil the mischievous design of the disruptive forces.



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