Another law and order message of higher degree

By Donn Morgan Kipgen

The powerful bomb that exploded on the morning of 24th April, 2008, in the VVIP colony, Babupara, literally rocked the whole capital town of Imphal-East and stunned the general public. It was shockingly audacious and outrageous since it happened in the most secured and maximum-security area. Moreso because it was “planted” few feet away from the back entrance walls of the MPHQ and the CMO, with the SIB office not far away. Worse still, an IED planted on a tricycle was found about 3 hours later near the main gate of the pologround where the Governor of Manipur’s Motorcade had to pass through to attend the Governor’s Cup Invitation Polo Tournament as the Chief Guest. Embarrassingly, both the Bomber teams somehow eluded the hawk-eyed law enforcement personnel when it matter most. Fortunately, no heads roll, without fatal casualty, like aftermath of the explosive message at the State Assembly Complex wherein the State Administration made a huge mistake in thoughtless transferring of the then SP, I/W, Clay Khongsai IPS and initiating undue hasty actions against some Law enforcement agency officers to boost the morale of the UG Militants.

Not surprisingly, around 15 non-Manipuri traders// labourers were diabolically executed in what appeared to be a politically-motivated act of terrorism. The State Govt. wisely unleased swift protective net and down-playing the enormity of the case which allowed the District Police Chief and his boys to successfully hunt down some of the ring-leaders. Had a needless action being taken with transfer and suspension the case would remain unsolved and the culprits emboldened to carry out more sinister act of local terrorism. Now, the main focus on the image of Manipur has been shifted to terrorism from tourism : the boat-ride is likely to come to halt right in the middle of lake of wishful dream. Innocence, harmony and tranquility have now become a thing of the distant past.

With more and more huge amount of money for developmental projects coming in being secretly diverted, swindled or misappropriated, hawkish political leaders have more and more authority and influence over some armed extremist commanders and right-wing NGOs. No wonder as to why or how the state insurgency movement is losing its way; hill or valley, money power has made UG militants, police and some armed forces personnel a tool for tainted political leaders to carry out anti-social elements as and when needed. Just to topple a Govt. and to please military HQs, MPHQ, etc., scores of innocent lives and “suspected militants” have so far being needlessly sacrificed at the “altar of professional career.” There is no element of trust any more. And if or until there is a ‘change of guard’, chances are that “abetment or sponsorship” of bloody and acts of terrorism to rip through the fragile Law and Order wall would be a regular breakfast news. Only the Law and Order is the main trump card used by both the anti- O. Ibobi dissidents and some opposition leaders to blow apart the filmsy pillars of the much criticised and “pathetic” O. Ibobi’s back-to-back Administrations with higher degree of momentum. Almost all top political leaders reportedly patronised one UG outfit or another to do their diabolic biddings with raw money power, special protections, extra-incentives and seemingly providing strictly confidential informations for their own interests.

However, the Central Government and its Law Enforcement Agencies have already known who are behind all these well-planned and ear shattering explosive messages. They know perfectly well that killings, bombing and other bloody anti-social activities are not the genuine handiworks nor authentic UG militant outfits’ activities. They were all done by Mercenaries and a hired UG militants, some clearly “assisted” by treacherous security force personnel logistically along with “escort service”.

This is an open-secret since we have witnessed the killing and arrests of MR/IRB and police Commandos while on extortions, shady dealings, and unlawful activities by posing as armed UG militants. It is also an open secret that some enterprising Central paramilitary officers on active duty, especially company commanders, have been reportedly indulging in demanding, extorting and receiving highly profitable timber, ganja and contraband taxes from rich smugglers in the hill areas or even in suburban valley areas. Whereas the reported amounts of taxes allegedly being paid are 2 to 3 times more than custom & excise and officers of police outpost. Moreover, unlawful fraternising of military and police personnel with hostile elements and “enemies” are justifiably true or factual, then all intelligence reports shall be formally analysed and investigated upon to prevent such glaring unlawful activities. It is most likely that the source of well-made IEDs Govt.-issued firearms and equipment and the origin of financial sponsorship could be traced with circumstantial evidences available by field officers of the Ministry of External Affairs along with competent officials from Union Home Ministry, especially in the hill and border areas, according to a “reliable communique” Many kind of classified informations are usually “leaked-out” to international media persons to do the needful, a very diplomatically silent message in the name of transparency and the Right to Information princible so long as it does not undermine the National Security.

The messages “planted” by faceless bombers could not have come at the right time and the right place in the right direction. Apart from the residences of O. Ibobi loyalists, as well as the dissidents, the CMO, MPHQ back yard, senior bureaucrats and other VIPs, it exploded very close to the IB/SIB offices, hence the outrageous message will naturally be reported independently in details to Central Govt. because of the amazingly close proximity. It will definitely be heard in New Delhi. Yes, it shall be heard as intended.

Now, what about such a monstrous lapse of security deployment? Where are the names, licence number, time alongwith scooter-rider signature, purpose of visit to particular VVIP as officially registered in a file-book maintained by the regular police-check post near the gate of State Guest House? Why did the police team on round-the-clock duty be let off so easily despite their failure to show details and other signed records of the scooter bomb owner//rider(s)? Such an outrageous lapse of security, a summary court-martial offense in the military, just cannot be overlooked since the policemen guarding the entrance route and their file book are the first piece of circumstantial evidence. Well, on the hindsight, things should be done calmly and the official inquiry has to be done methodically for successful result.

The Sangai Express


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