What is GupShup?

GupShup is a free group sms service to connect with your friends and follow your passions over SMS.

GupShup enables you to:

  • Send messages to a group of friends or share your thoughts with the world.

  • Receive messages from friends or groups that interest you.
  • A few good things:

  • GupShup keeps you connected and informed:

  • You can enjoy your mobile lifestyle and send and receive messages on the go.

  • Friends from around the world can send you messages on your mobile phone.
  • GupShup is free:

  • You send one SMS to us, and we forward it to your group for free.

  • Create an online account and send messages for absolutely no cost.
  • GupShup let’s you express yourself:

  • Tell your friends how you are feeling

  • Join groups you love or causes you support.

  • Start something that you want to share with the world.
  • Getting Started

    GupShup is a mobile group sms service. You can use GupShup from the mobile phone as well as from the web interface. The web interface is particularly useful if you are constantly connected to the Internet. The mobile interface lets you use GupShup on the go. For more help on using you phone from your mobile phone, see GupShup Lingo.

    You can use GupShup for:

  • Creating your own GupShup group:
  • Create a group

    SMS the following to 567673434: CREATE ur group name
    Example: CREATE FoodSafari
    Where FoodSafari is the groupname.

    Invite friends

    SMS the following to to 567673434: INVITE phone1 phone2 phone3
    Example: INVITE 9876543210 9820000000 9920000000

    Start posting messages

    SMS, your message to 567673434 to post a message to your group.
    Example of message

  • Joining one or many GupShup groups

    To join a group, SMS the following to to 567673434: JOIN groupname
    Example: JOIN FoodSafari
    Where FoodSafari is the groupname.


    Here’s a list of commands that can help you use GupShup from your mobile phone. All messages/commands should be sent to 567673434:

  • CREATE – Start a GupShup group
  • Format: CREATE groupname Example: CREATE FoodSafari
    (FoodSafari is a sample group name, use your own group name. Group name must contain alphabets. Please avoid spaces.)

  • JOIN – Join a Gupshup group
  • Format: JOIN groupname Example: JOIN Thakkarism
    (Thakkarism is a sample group name, use the group name that you want to join.)

  • INVITE – Invite friends to your group
  • Format: INVITE phone-no.s Example: INVITE 9876543210 9200000000
    (The numbers above are sample numbers, please use numbers of your friends.)

  • POST – Post a message to your group
  • Format: Your SMS message…. Example: The sun is shining, lovely day!
    (This is not really a command, to post your message, just send your message to 567673434.)

  • LEAVE – Unsubscribe from a Gupshup group
  • Format: LEAVE groupname Example: LEAVE Thakkarism
    (Thakkarism is a sample group name, use the group name that you want to unsubscribe from.)

    Group Setting Commands

  • GREETING – Set a description for your group.
  • Format: GREETING followed by the new welcome message.
    Example: GREETING Hi this is Ria. This group is for foodies who want to taste all that Bombay has to offer.
    Send message to: 567673434

  • RENAME – Change the name of your group.
  • Format: RENAME by the new group name.
    Example: RENAME mynewgroup
    Send message to: 567673434

  • PUBLIC / PRIVATE – Privacy settings.
  • PRIVATE – Hide your group on the web and circulate messages to only those users whom you have invited to the group.
    Example: PRIVATE
    PUBLIC – Let everyone view, join and receive messages that you send to the group. (This is the default setting)
    Example: PUBLIC
    Send message to: 567673434

  • BLOCK / UNBLOCK – Subscription settings.
  • BLOCK – Unsubscribe a member from your group and unsubscribe from his or her group.

    Format: BLOCK groupname or BLOCK phone-no.
    Example: BLOCK 9876543210 or BLOCK djbox
    UNBLOCK – Undo the BLOCK command.
    Format: UNBLOCK groupname or UNBLOCK phone-no.
    Example: UNBLOCK 9876543210 or UNBLOCK djbox
    Send message to: 567673434

  • REMOVE – Remove a user subscription from your group.
  • Format: REMOVE phone-no
    Example: REMOVE 9876543210
    Send message to: 567673434

    Commands for Subscribers

  • SHARE – Recommend a group you like to your friends
  • Format: SHARE group-to-recommend friend’s-phone-number
    Example: SHARE djbox 9876543210
    Send message to: 567673434
    (To invite more than one friend, separate multiple phone numbers by spaces.)

  • MSG – Send a private message to an sms GupShup user
  • Format: MSG group-name-to-buzz your-message
    Example: MSG djbox Hi Ria, I love ur GupShup. the last message was really nice.
    Send message to: 567673434

  • DND – Do Not Disturb, Temporarily stop receiving messages from GupShup.
  • Example: DND
    Send message to: 567673434

    (The do not disturb command will prevent you receiving messages on your mobile phone. This command is undone when you send a message to your group, join a group, or invite members to your group.)

    DND OFF – Undo the DND command.
    Example: DND OFF
    Send message to: 567673434

  • MUTE – Temporarily stop receiving messages from a group.
  • Format: MUTE group-name duration
    Example: MUTE djbox 6h
    Send to: 567673434

    (Duration can be indicated in hours or days. For example 6h would mean 6 hours and 2d would mean 2 days. If you do not enter group name or duration you won’t receive messages from GupShup for 6 hours.)

    UNMUTE – Undo the MUTE command.
    Example: UNMUTE
    Send message to: 567673434


  • POLL – Take a poll from members of your group.
  • Format: POLL Question *choice1 *choice2 *choice3
    Example: POLL Best all time band? *Doors *Pink Floyd *Deep Purple *Led Zepp
    Send message to: 567673434

    (Each option should be preceded by an asterisk.)

    More lingo for Polls:
    To list all open polls: LIST POLL
    To close a poll: CLOSE poll-name
    To get Poll status: STATUS poll-name
    To get poll details: WHAT poll-name
    (Poll names are sent by us after you create a poll. Polls automatically close at the end of the day.)

  • RATING – Get ratings for books, movies, or anything else.
  • Format: RATING question
    Example: RATING Rate the movie Dhoom 2
    Send message to: 567673434

    More lingo for Ratings:

    To list all open ratings: LIST RATING
    To close a rating: CLOSE rating-name
    To get rating status: STATUS rating-name
    To get rating details: WHAT rating-name
    (Rating names are sent by us after you create a rating. Ratings automatically close at the end of the day.)

  • QUIZ – Riddle your friends with a quiz.
  • Format: QUIZ Question *answer-choice1 *answer-choice2 *answer-choice3

    Example: QUIZ Who is Calvin’s baby sitter? *Ann #Roselyn *Lucy *Luann

    Send message to: 567673434
    (Correct answer should be preceded by a hash # and wrong answers by an asterisk.)

    More lingo for Quizzes:

    To list all open quizzes: LIST QUIZ
    To close a quiz: CLOSE quiz-name
    To get quiz status: STATUS quiz-name
    To get quiz details: WHAT quiz-name
    (Quiz names are sent by us after you create a quiz. Quizes automatically close at the end of the day.)

    Source: http://www.smsgupshup.com/


    Tuni May 17, 2008 tan a Zo suon sung apat microblogging or SMS news member 100 tunglam nei khenkhat.

    03. ZCFDELHI
    05. EBCLINK
    10. ZOUHEISA
    12. KHULNET
    14. LAMHIL
    17. VIRTHLI
    21. RAKHEN
    22. WAY2GOD
    28. KATHANGE
    30. FOLKWAYS
    33. CHIBAI
    36. TOTORAWT

    many many many more…………..


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