Busy summer awaits Indian football team

Marcus Mergulhao TNN

Panaji: Bob Houghton loves to remember the tale of how, during his early days with the Indian team, he was cornered by a journalist wanting to know, whats wrong with Indian football?

Indias chief coach put his hand around the journalists shoulder and whispered, Lets tackle this question in the hotel room. You can write a book on it!

Two years after Houghton took over the Indian football team, Baichung Bhutia & Co have not moved up the rankings significantly. But, the wheels of change have already been set in motion.

We have made significant progress, not necessarily with the Indian team. The Nehru Cup triumph was a big step forward, but the developments in the I-League are encouraging as well, said Houghton, describing a recent AIFF decision to have the I-League matches on weekends and state leagues on weekdays as a major breakthrough.


May 24: Friendly vs Chinese Taipei (Goa)
May 27: Friendly vs Chinese Taipei (Chennai)
June 3 to June 14: SAFF Cup (Maldives and Sri Lanka)
July 1-15: Tour of Portugal; four friendlies with Portuguese League teams
July 25: Friendly vs Jordan or Syria (Hyderabad)
July 28: Friendly vs Jordan or Syria (Hyderabad)
July 30-Aug 10: AFC Challenge Cup (Hyderabad)

Source: The Times of India


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