62nd Santosh Trophy Football Tournament – 2008

Venue: Jammu & Kashmir


Qualifying Rounds: Venues: GGM Science College Ground, Jammu
Bakshi Stadium & Polo Ground, Srinagar

Cluster I – Jammu

26-May-08: Tamil Nadu Vs Sikkim
26-May-08: Bihar Vs Chandigarh
28-May-08: Chandigarh Vs Tamil Nadu
28-May-08: Sikkim Vs Bihar
30-May-08: Chandigarh Vs Sikkim
30-May-08: Tamil Nadu Vs Bihar


Cluster II – Jammu:

27-May-08: Services Vs Nagaland
27-May-08: Manipur Vs Orissa
29-May-08: Orissa Vs Services
29-May-08: Nagaland Vs Manipur
31-May-08: Orissa Vs Nagaland
31-May-08: Manipur Vs Services


Cluster III – Srinagar:

26-May-08: Delhi Vs Gujarat
28-May-08: Gujarat Vs Tripura
30-May-08: Tripura Vs Delhi


Cluster IV – Srinagar:

25-May-08: Jammu&Kashmir Vs Pondicherry
25-May-08: Daman&Diu Vs Himachal Pradesh
27-May-08: Pondicherry Vs Himachal Pradesh
27-May-08: Daman&Diu Vs Jammu&Kashmir
29-May-08: Jammu&Kashmir Vs Himachal Pradesh
29-May-08: Pondicherry Vs Daman&Diu


Cluster V – Srinagar:

26-May-08: Karnataka Vs Jharkhand
28-May-08: Jharkhand Vs Uttar Pradesh
30-May-08: Uttar Pradesh Vs Karnataka


Cluster VI – Srinagar:

26-May-08: Haryana Vs Madhya Pradesh
28-May-08: Madhya Pradesh Vs Assam
30-May-08: Assam Vs Haryana


Cluster VII – Srinagar:

26-May-08: Chattisgarh Vs Mizoram
28-May-08: Mizoram Vs Railways
30-May-08: Railways Vs Chattisgarh


Cluster VIII – Srinagar

27-May-08: Meghalaya Vs Uttarakhand
29-May-08: Uttarakhand Vs Goa
31-May-08: Goa Vs Meghalaya



02-Jun-08: WinnerCluster 1 Vs WinnerCluster 2
01-Jun-08: WinnerCluster 3 Vs WinnerCluster 4
02-Jun-08: WinnerCluster 5 Vs WinnerCluster 6
02-Jun-08: WinnerCluster 7 Vs WinnerCluster 8


Quarterfinal League:

Venue: Bakshi Stadium & Polo Ground, Srinagar

Group A

05-Jun-08: Punjab Vs Team ‘E
05-Jun-08: Kerala Vs Team ‘C
07-Jun-08: Team ‘C Vs Punjab
07-Jun-08: Team ‘E Vs Kerala
09-Jun-08: Team ‘C Vs Team ‘E
09-Jun-08: Kerala Vs Punjab


Group B

06-Jun-08: Bengal Vs Team ‘F
06-Jun-08: Maharashtra Vs Team ‘D
08-Jun-08: Team ‘D Vs Bengal
08-Jun-08: Team ‘F Vs Maharashtra
10-Jun-08: Team ‘D Vs Team ‘F
10-Jun-08: West Bengal Vs Maharashtra



12-Jun-08: Vs
13-Jun-08: Vs



15-Jun-08: Vs


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