Khuga canal causes chaos in Church

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, May 20: Faced with an unprecedented risk, the local committee of Sai-dan EFCI Church since Sun- day deserts their Church as the Khuga Canal that passes nearby formed an inch wide crack on parts of the floor, keeping them unease and apprehensive.

‘Even the slightest sound inside the Church now makes us terrified,’ the apprehension that our Church could plunge anytime is with everyone now, Upa HV Rama, the local chairman told this correspondent today.

Occupied since 1986, the semi-pucca building initially witness the cracks way back in 1997, when the canal first made its way near the Church. A minor repairing with an estimated cost of Rs. 80,000 and three iron pipes could then retains the structure, however the cracks reappears as the canal construction resumes in early April.

About half a couple of Church elders who accompanied the media team today said they have more than once fore-warned the concern department, and requested them to construct a retaining wall before they resume the work.

A man identified as SE and a contractor has promise me to do the needful in early April, the local chairman said. They however denied him the promise on papers, as they allegedly claimed to represent the government and told him what they promise is a promise of the government.

Now, that the construction is underway with the promise disregarded, cracks capable of bringing down the Church pave in, and the walls of the canal losing ground with every downpour, muggy soil of about 6 feet is all that holds the building now. ‘Another rainfall is all that holds our Church,’ is how most of the church elders put at.

On their fore-warn claims, the media team was even told that request for faster pace of work was suggested prior to the cracks, at which a minimum of 100 labourers were promise by the officials, but that too was disregarded and with some downpour their apprehension comes to the fore.

With water leaking from the canal on the side of the Church, it is likely that even without a downpour the wall will continue to lose the six foot soil that holds the Church.

The damage that could very well be avoided has been done; a retaining wall will need space for foundation, an earth filling will let loose with another downpour. The cracks have created a tizzy psychosis on the 350 odd EFCI church members, depriving them of peace even inside a Church.

Source: The Sangai Express


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