Six abducted Tangkhuls found murdered near Dimapur; NSCN(IM) blames ‘Azheto gang’ for killings

By : Newmai News Network

Dimapur, May 20: After a week of searching for the whereabouts of the six Tangkhuls, all civilians, who were reportedly abducted by the NSCN-Unification on May 13, they were reported killed in a village near Dimapur.

Confirming the reports, NSCN(IM)’s ministry of information and publicity in a statement issued to the media in Dimapur tonight, said that the six Tangkhuls were abducted by the NSCN(Unification) and killed later.

All the victims were reportedly civilians. The NSCN(IM) source said that the outfit had confirmed the killing of the six abducted Tangkhuls on Sunday.

Terming the case as of “serious nature” the NSCN(IM) said tonight that the “Azheto gang” had abducted and subsequently killed the six innocent Tangkhuls at Vihokhu village on May 13. “What steps have the state government taken to rescue the bereaved family members and others from the hands of the barbaric group? Besides, should the church leaders and civil societies afford to keep silent in the face of such inhuman victimization?” asked the NSCN(IM).

Meanwhile, the NSCN(IM) stated that with the declaration of ceasefire in 1997 between the outfit and the government of India, and “the Indo-Naga political negotiation taking off in correct perspective, the office of the ceasefire monitoring cell occupied a place of sanctity by virtue of its designated role in maintaining a harmonious environment in the implementation of the ceasefire ground rules. The enforcement of law and order being in the hands of the state government, the state security agencies cannot look with disdain at anything that happens affecting the statutory security of the ceasefire monitoring cell.”

The NSCN(IM) then asked as to what had happened on May 16 at the hands of the “unruly mobs” targeting the ceasefire monitoring cell and called it deplorable to say the least. It is a despicable crime in any sense of the term. The mobs were armed with combustible bottles, stones and other lethal fire arms. And in the process of targeting the building, heavy damage was caused to properties besides injuring of the staff members, said the outfit.

“The lives of the personnel who manned the office and its properties were placed in great danger. Had we not exercised restraint things could have turned horrible? To make the matter worse, the fire brigade was nowhere to be seen. Astonishingly, this happened after the alarm bell had been sounded to the state police forces,” alleged the outfit.

The NSCN(IM) also stated that keeping in view the critical importance of the outfit’s office in the matter of pushing forward the peace process in cordial atmosphere, the state government was found guilty of serious dereliction of duty.

“How could a state that shows so much concern for giving meaning to the ongoing Indo-Naga political process be so insensitive to the situation?” the NSCN(IM) asked.

The outfit suggested that what is required to be done for the state government is to look into the issue conscientiously and submit a damning report to the Centre government for restoring the sanctity of the ceasefire monitoring cell.

Imphal Free Press


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