Ex-KRA man clarifies

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, May 21: Denying involvement in the murder of KRA’s chief K Hangsing at New Delhi some months back, former finance secre-tary of the armed group DT Haokip (Houkip) today cla-rified that Delhi police have been misled by an indivi-dual.
DT Haokip strongly contesting Special Cell of Delhi Police mentioning his (Haokip) name in the murder of Hangsing insisted that wrong information was pro-vided to the police by one of the KRA founder members David Chongloi after he was apprehended from Dimapur.
David Chongloi, discha-rged on medical ground was arrested while on his way to pursue further studies, DT haokip informed and added that Chongloi mentioned many other names inclu-ding the five executed in Saikul area by the KRA – all of whom later turned out to be innocent even as the KRA (U) claimed to be be-hind the slaying of the five.
Cautioning all con-cerned that David Chongloi still poses threat as there is high possibility of the ‘liar’ naming more innocent per-sons, DT Haokip main- tained that his sincerity and dedication to the Kuki movement had been spoilt beyond redemption by Chongloi.
Further the ousted KRA functionary reminded that he left the KRA organi-sation and joined NSCN (IM) much before hangsing was slain.
Regarding his joining the NSCN (IM), DT Haokip said clan lineage in the KRA or-ganisation which he des- pised and coupled with his determination to sustain the movement for the Kukis decision to close ranks with the NSCN (IM) was taken so as to ensure there is no fur-ther killing of ‘each other’.

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