Bomb attack rocks RIMS, no casualties

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, May 25 : A powerful bomb planted by unidentified persons exploded at the verandah of the Pathology Department of RIMS situated in between the office of the RIMS Director and the office of the Institute exploded in full blast today at about 5 pm. Since today was a holiday (Sunday), no one was injured in the blast.
A caller who identified himself as a spokesman said that the KCP (MC) was behind the bomb attack.
Though the bomb blast did not injure anyone, it wreaked heavy damages on the doors and office buildings, including the office of the RIMS Director on the eastern side.
The glass door located about five metres from the explosion site in front of the Pathology Department was damaged extensively.
Responding swiftly to the report of the bomb blast, Superintendent of RIMS Dr Y Mohen arrived at the scene in no time.
SP of Imphal West Police L Kailun, SDPO AK Jhalajit also arrived at RIMS along with a strong police posse. OC of Lamphel police and his men also arrived at the scene soon after hearing the report of the bomb attack.
The police team recovered some remains of bomb splinters as well as some wires from the spot.
The police picked up the attendant engaged at the RIMS telephone exchange as well as another for further questioning.
Reacting to the attack, Superintendent of RIMS Dr Y Mohen said that the attack launched at RIMS is nothing short of terrorism.
All sane citizens should condemn such attacks at a place of treating the sick and ailing, he maintained.
Recalling the recent past, RIMS authority said that they have been receiving threats from KCP (MC).
A hospital is there to care for the sick and ailing as well as the dying, he said and added that such institutions should not be targeted by anyone.
To protest the attack, Dr Mohen said that the OPD, Casualty, OT of RIMS will be closed from tomorrow.
In yet another clarification, Dy Co-in chief KCP (MC), Lallumba said that KCP (MC) had nothing to do with the bomb attack at RIMS.
Condemning the bomb attack, he said that such attacks at a place of healing and caring is against the principle of revolutionaries.
A number of political leaders including Works Minister K Ranjit, Education Minister L Jayenta- kumar, PDA Chairman Dr L Loken came rushing to RIMS to take stock of the situation.
Trying to make a point, Ranjit said that the attack at RIMS is akin to inviting AFSPA at IMC areas.



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