Parliamentary team to visit state

By : A Staff Reporter 5/27/2008 2:45:46 AM

IMPHAL, May 26: A 16-member delegation of the Sub-committee of Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce who are currently on tour to five states in the region including Sikkim and West Bengal will arrive in the state tomorrow afternoon from Guhawati.
The delegation led by Kashiram Rana, MP and convenor of the sub-committee comprising T G Balkrishna Pillai, Banwari Lal Kanchhai, MPs of Rajya Sabha and Omar Abdullah, DV Sadawanda Gowda, Radheyshyam Kohri, N N Krishnada, E Ponner Swang, Haibhau Rathod, Sippiparam, Ravichandran, SPY Reddy, Nikhilananda Sur, Bharat Sinha, Madha Sinha Solanki MPs of Lok Sabha will arrive on a visit of the state capital tomorrow and will hold discussions on the export infrastructure in Manipur with concerned officials of the state government in a meeting to be held at Imphal Hotel at 3.30 pm.
An earlier schedule for holding a meeting with the representatives of the trade unions and members of the chamber of commerce has been suspended.
On the next day the delegation will go to Moreh by road and visit the land customs station in the town and on the same day will return to Imphal.
The delegation will leave Imphal on May 29 after concluding their three-day visit in the state and fly to Agratala on onward journey to Tripura.
The team, mention may be made, left Delhi on May 24.
The delegation is arriving in the state after completing its visit to Sikkim and Assam. After its tour of Manipur is completed on May 29, they will go to Tripura and then to West Bengal. They are scheduled to reach New Delhi on May 31.



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