UNPC takes harsh stand against Naga apex bodies

By : A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, May 26: The United Naga People’s Council, UNPC has strongly reacted against the 16 apex Naga bodies led by the UNC claiming that UNPC is known to the Nagas and purported formation of this council is the handywork of the enemies of the Nagas and is designed to create confusion in the minds of the Naga people.

The secretary general of UNPC, Lansa during a press conferecne somewhere in Senapati district this morning mentioned that these 16 Naga bodies in Manipur led by the UNC and ANSAM are frontal organisations of the NSCN(IM) who have been encouraging bloodshed amongst the Nagas.

The UNPC spokesman further said nobody in the Naga inhabited region could deny that these 16 Naga apex organisations operating in Manipur are not frontal organizations as well as mouthpiece of the NSCN(IM).

The spokesman further said that it was very unfortunate on the part of these apex civil organisations to comment through the media on the UNPC without fully understanding the real objectives of the UNPC.

The UNPC is really committed to restoration of peace and harmony among the Nagas. The council is also firm in its belief that peace and harmony will never be restored until there is understanding between the different communities settling in Manipur since time immemorial, they said.

As a result the UNPC was formed to achieve a true revolutionary ideology to bring to a common platform for the different ethnic communities who have been staying in the region and any opposition of this ideology would be treated as reactionary they said.

He further said that it was very shameful for the 16 Naga civil organisations to have been working under the directive of the NSCN(IM) to encourage bloodshed among the Nagas despite the self proclaimed principles forgive and forget theory the NSCN(IM) supposedly upholds and announced openly before the people.

The council further asked as to why the NSCN(IM) despite claiming such high philosophy was involved in inciting killings among Nagas like those at Dimapur currently.

The spokesman also mentioned that mobilisation of the Naga public by the 16 Naga apex organisations including students and women’s bodies for not lending cooperation to the UNPC under strong directives from the NCSN(IM) had sown the seeds for a major civil war in the state amongst the Naga people, and as a matter of fact, the UNPC in order to prevent further misunderstanding amongst the Naga people in the state would impose capital punishment on different representatives of these 16 apex organisations of Nagas including United Naga Council, UNC, Naga Women’s Union Manipur, Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights, Zeliangrong Boudi, Manipur, Assam and Nagaland, Chandel Naga People’s Organisation, Tangkhul Naga Long, Maring Naga Hoho, Chothe Naga Hoho, Anal Naga Hoho, Lamkang Naga Hoho, Moyon Naga Hoho, Naga Students Union Chandel, Poumai Students Union and Tangkhul Students Union.

The spokesman on behalf of the UNPC appealed to all village elders and chairmen of Naga villages and church leaders in the state to give cooperation to the UNPC if they really loved the Naga people and if they wanted true peace of mind.



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