After blast, fresh threats to RIMS

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, May 27: Even as the State Government has decided to open a post of IRB personnel at RIMS to ensure its security in the wake of the May 25 night bomb blast triggered by outlawed KCP (MC), RIMS authority received fresh threats through telephone today.

The services of OPD, Casualty and routine operation of the institute has remained suspended for three days since yesterday in protest against the bomb attack.

Meanwhile, vehemently refuting the charges of corruption levelled against him by the proscribed KCP (MC), Medical Superintendent of RIMS Prof Y Mohen has dared the outfit to substantiate the charges with evidences.

After the incident of bomb attack, the State Government yesterday intimated that an IRB post should be set up at RIMS for its security.

Consequently, the site where the post is to be set up and the accommodation of the IRB personnel have been finalised after a joint inspection with the police today, Prof Y Mohen informed while talking to mediapersons this afternoon.
The arrangement for setting up an IRB post comprising 30 personnel was intimated to the RIMS Director by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh yesterday evening, Prof Mohen said, adding that though necessary arrangements for the accommodation of the IRB personnel have been started, full operation of the proposed security post may take around 10 days.
Even as the services of the OPD, Casualty and routine operation in the medical institute has been suspended since yesterday in protest against the bomb attack, RIMS authority today received fresh threats through telephone, Prof Mohen disclosed.
After commencement of requisite work in connection with the recent announcement made by Union Health Minister Ramadoss that free medical treatment would be provided to patients belonging to BPL families in RIMS, the work has been stalled after the incident of bomb blast, Prof Mohen lamented.
Strongly refuting the charges of corruption against
him by KCP (MC), Prof Mohen dared the outfit to cite any specific incident of demanding money from any candidates of the recently performed DPC for attendants and nurses. As for DPC for selection of attendants, in all 28 of them have been selected giving due priority to those who have been already working in RIMS as attendants on contract basis. However, as for the selection of the nurses, it is still pending due to court case. Levelling false charges and terrorising the people is not acceptable, Prof Mohen said, adding that he felt that it is devoid of any revolutionary principle. Emergence of some many UG groups of the same name is confusing, he said. As to the threat of death penalty even at the old age, Prof Mohen maintained that man is not immortal, so one needs not afraid to die. Meanwhile, the Indian Medical Association, Manipur State Branch has strongly condemned the bomb blast inside the RIMS complex on May 25 and cautioned that such mindless action will only terrify the public and invite the presence of more security personnel in the campus causing inconveniences to the public. While appealing to all the organisations not to disturb the tranquillity and sanctity of the hospital, the Association has also called on all the members of IMA to join the dharna being held at RIMS to show support to the RIMS doctors and staff.


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