Rationalisation of Delimitation process based on tribe wise concept

By Rev Ts Lovejoy Anal

Announcement of delimitation news by the State Govt for the long expected ADC election is a boon on the one hand, and its implementation exercise a curse on the other hand. At this point of time, everything is just complicated and becomes sensitive and sensational. As such a randomly handling of the situation will perhaps be like worsening the worse. Appointment of Commissioner and his comrades at the district level will also not serve the purpose without taking into account grass-root level political analysis of constituencies concerned. For it is crystal clear that some egocentric politicians are prowling around like a roaring lion hungry for its own prey regardless of what comes after and what will become of people’s reaction to the new development being taken up.

Election, of course, is a must. Election also is a contest. Election plus contest breeds ills and brawls in India in general and multi-tribes inhabited Chandel District in particular. Therefore, intuitive delimitation diagnosis in line with local context is suggested, if not imposed. Excitingly, to carve out six more new constituencies in addition to the previous twenty is quite applicable to affect the art of delimitation on tribe wise basis in order that unnecessary blame based on communal books is avoided. A fight is a fight. But family feud is easier to deal with than that of communal ones. I trust.

If peace and communal harmony in the land is really dreamed of and longed for, farsighted systematic steps need to be taken up lest friction of any sort — communal or national — takes place. Hope we all know of friction theory or theory of friction. Friction results in fire. And the fire could be kindled to a flame and the flame is liable to set the whole thing on fire. That’s it. So, care should be taken lest a tiny spark, however small it looks, may put us all to a “big bang flame” which knows no remorse. And that’s all with planned delimitation. May the good Lord, God lead your ways.

If Naga issue continues to get ignored any longer for the sake of either Indian National integrity or Manipur Territorial Integrity; if Naga Society continues to break up and killing of one by the other, whether engineered or spontaneous, persists, the time of one responsible for solving the issue is ripe for her to fall into the pit she dug for others. It is neither a treat nor a curse. It is natural law. For God, Creator of all things including man, His creation, even respects his creation, man. And man becomes half-God, an apple of God’s eye. How dare we, just human, oppress one another, enjoy killing of brothers by the same blood and make big boss of ourselves out of the same manner you enjoy it.

Give them what they want — freedom or independence. What’s wrong with giving freedom to Nagas? What’s wrong with giving freedom to Kukis? What’s wrong with giving freedom to Meiteis? Give Nagas what belongs to them. Give Kukis what belongs to them. Give Meiteis what belongs to them. It is very simple. Why complicate it? And why aggravate it? Why is not independent nations within an independent State, India, possible? Call it Federalism or Pluralism or whatever. It is peace we want to enjoy. We want to enjoy the nature with all its endowments; the stars in the sky, birds in the forest or jungles, different faces of human kinds and all.

Human social fibre, of course, is abstract but felt, I can say for sure, what is happening if Africa, for instance, is partly or partially felt here in India. And the same happening over here in one form or the other, is taking place there again. Therefore, one can not say for sure that Africa is not India and vice versa. It means human stocks or society, despite geographical distance and boundaries, is closely knitted together by this unseen human situation today is quite similar to that of India or Pakistan because of the fibre, like an infectious HIV/AIDs spreading from one country to another countries. In the same manner, bloodshed in Nagaland or Manipur is accessible to the very door step of people living in Delhi or Mumbai or Calcutta very soon or someday let alone North East. How will you cope the situation at the time? Will you still enjoy and take the issue as a political game in the name of safeguarding national integrity or for that matter National interest with the prospect of becoming global economic power? I don’t think so. Perhaps, it will be too late. Please solve it now. Enough is enough. Give us peace. And our patience is almost running out. Our tears shed for the gone loved ones, from our fore-fathers to our children, be a living testimony to the whole world that enough is enough. And give our due so that we may live with peace and harmony.

Ontological study reveals that human instinct is all encompassing and all binding underlining universal human relations. The instinct is above all inherent in man and therefore arousing human emotion that leads to making sense as far as justice or injustice done is concerned. Therefore, planned or caused bloodshed in order to cherish national interest in any form is wrong. It is a crime against humanity. Hence, a crime against ourselves. God forbids it too! Where are all political thinkers? Do we not have political thinkers in India? Or is political thinking confined just to Council of Ministers or political parties? A politician or a political professor is not necessarily a thinker, I can say. I do not think we need to go to Rome and invite Greek Philosophers to reform or restructure our State or for that matter our outdated Constitution which can not accommodate a changing wind of political issues besetting us. We need independent tinkers. We do not only need university bound thinkers and power minded political thinkers. We also have an urgent need for independent political thinkers so that the image of India as a sovereign State, along with cordial relations to freedom seekers, may still be intact. It is neither a loss nor a gain game but surely a peaceful solution. Better we stop poisoning our generations to come. It is too much. It is time we become statesmen and intellectuals. Let us be out from our narrow cocoon of pseudo-intellectualism and pseudo-heroism to a state of broader accommodative political set up. Let us be prepared to face the reality in its own form. You hook it and is, as such, crooked. And you are crooked and everything looks crooked. You make the hell. And the hell is swallowing you up. Be wise, even wiser to sow good seeds to reap good harvest. Amen.



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