Youths turn to farming for self-employment

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Jun 1: At a time when the scope of Government jobs has become so limited, two educated youths have successfully taken up agricultural farming for their livelihood.

Th Roger and RK Sana, both undergraduates are now successfully cultivating gourds, pumpkins and water melon in one hectare of field located to the East of Irilbung police station. They have been able to earn Rs 50,000 from his farm this season.

Initially they invested about Rs 10,000 for procuring seeds, tilling land and management of the farm.

Talking about their successful venture, they said they planted gourds, spon-gy gourds, pumpkins and water melon in January this year. In the first week of April, they started reaping the fruits of their labour.

Out of 1000 gourd plants grown in the farm, 100 bags of gourds containing 30 gourds each at the average have been sold at the rate of Rs 10 per gourd so far. From gourds alone, they were able to earn Rs 30,000.

Even though they faced the misfortune of crops getting stale and infection by worms last year, Roger and Sana were able to control such problems with the help of agricultural scientists of the Central Agricultural University this year.

Quoting a scientists of CAU, Sana and Roger said that the most common disease to gourds, pumpkins and water-melon is fruit fly. This fruit fly was effectively controlled by using a type of trap made by water bot-tles filled with a chemical name methyl eugenol. Ro-ger and Sana used 25 such traps in their farm, they said.

After gourds for Rs 30,000 have been sold, they are expecting another 1000 gourds. These would fetch Rs 10,000, they said.

As against 500 water me-lon plants grown in their farm, they have been able to earn Rs 15,000 from selling water melons. In addition, they are also growing pum-pkins in their farm. Market- ing at the rate of Rs 15 to 20 per pumpkin, they have earned Rs 4000 till date.

One of the outstanding quality of these produces is that no chemical fetilizers were used in cultivating these crops except organic manure. As such, agricultural produces produced from this farm are in great demand, they claimed.


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