Claims of miracle cancer curing herb in CCpur being looked into

By : Sukham Nanda/IFP

Saikot, Jun 2: Appreciation has come from many quarters to Chawlien Hmar, 82, of Saikot village in Churachandpur district for discovering a herb which may prove to be a miracle cancer curing remedy.

The herb is traditionally known as Zanlung Damdei and found in Saikot village and its vicinity.

Hearing of his success, a team of scientists from the Institute of Bioresource and Sustainable Development in Takyelpat under the initiative of the project coordinator Mohindro Singh Khaidem of the Manipur Small Farmers and Agri Business Consortium, collected the Zanlung Damdei plant along with the potions made from the plant from the Chawlein Cancer Medicine Research Agency in Saikot yesterday for sceintific research to find out the chemical component of the plant.

The IBSD team including natural product scientist, Ch Brajakishore with the objective of tapping the potential of this bioresource to convert it into an asset for the state during a visit yesterday.

It was also a rare moment for the team to see the working of the open air laboratory at the Saikot research centre where the plant extracts are prepared with the traditional hand pounding method after the green leaves and tender shoots are obtained from the forest.

Depending on the quantity of leaves adequate water is mixed with it. Though the source of the water could not be ascertained so far there are no reports of patients suffering side effects or from water borne diseases.

The resource persons who visited the research agency commented that the open air laboratory was not that hygienic and there were chances of infection.

They also observed that there were chances of extinction of the life saving plant if the present trend of harvesting the plant continued without replanting and also there were possibilities of major side effects due to adulteration by undesirable toxic plants.

The resource persons further said that unless intellectual property rights are registered soon by the state the plant could be misused by unrightful owners. Therefore, the research and development institute working in the state should immediately intervene and conduct a detailed study of the plant and on the other hand the concerned department should take up measures for its sustainable growth and protection from exploitation.

Hundreds of patients today wait to get treatment given by Chawlein Hmar with his plant extract at the Chawlein Cancer Medicine Research Agency in Saikot village, about 6 kms from Churachandpur town. Most interestingly as the plant has become popular, small vendors and shops on the roadside have the green plants and extracts filled in plastic bottles with plant saplings displayed for sale at their stalls.

An analysis of the chemicals and the medicinal value of the Zanlung Damdei plant will be done by the IBSD scientist through various processes taking more than 45 days in order to confirm its medicinal properties, and if the scientists are able to prove its usefulness in curing cancer and other ailments, the IBSD will propose to the Central and state governments the need for its extensive cultivation and give credit to Chawlein Hmar for the discovery, an official of the IBSD mentioned.


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