MPSC process irks MUSU

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Jun 3 : While appreciating the process being undertaken by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) for recruitment of college lecturers, the Manipur University Students Union (MUSU) has however conveyed strong reservation against the procedure adopted by the MPSC.

A statement issued by MUSU asserted that the MPSC is deliberately scheming to allow certain candidates appear in the ongoing interview even though these candidates do not fulfil the eligibility criteria set by UGC.

Quoting advertisements issued by the MPSC in connection with the recruitment of lecturers on October 18, 2006 and the corrigendum issued on April 8 this year, MUSU pointed out that as per the first advertisement the number of vacant post was 186 but this was reduced to 172 in the corrigendum without giving any reason.

It asked the MPSC Secretary how the number of posts was reduced while the number of subjects was increased by adding six different subjects against the number of subjects published in the first advertisement.

Highlighting the importance of higher education for the progress of the society, specially for the students who could not afford to study outside the State, the alleged anomalies practised by the MPSC amounts to sounding the death knell for higher education in the State.

It is an open ploy to recruit only those favoured candidates and those close to Ministers, MLAs, high-ranking bureaucrats and tops officials of the MPSC, MUSU alleged.

Had the entire recruitment process been handed over to the State Government against the rules of the UGC, the ongoing interview would have been much more exclusive and reduced to a farce.

Taking into account of the press statements issued by different student organisations, MUSU asserted that the ongoing interview should be halted at once.

Taking strong exception to the alleged attitude of the MPSC secretary and chairman kow-towing to the whim political leaders, it cautioned that may face the wrath of the public once the people rise up against their acts of corruption, favouritism and nepotism.

Absence of qualified teachers may be one of the factors responsible for the dwindling number of students in Government colleges. Even though MUSU expected a lot from the MPSC regarding the ongoing recruitment process, yet it did not came as a surprise to the MUSU when the MPSC flouted all established rules in the interest of some individuals.

Observing that the MPSC is taking sides with the privileged and powerful group while victimising underprivileged and weaker sections, MUSU cautioned that there is no guarantee that these marginalised sections may not turn their fury to the MPSC officials.

It would be more prudent on the part of the Government to cancel the ongoing interview process and make necessary process to recruit teachers against the number of posts available in 2006.

MUSU further called upon all student organisations to look into the matter more seriously while assuring unstinted cooperation to any initiative/movement launch to correct the faulty practices of the MPSC.

Source: The Sangai Express


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