No agreement for solution under Constitution, says NSCN(IM)

By : Newmai News Network

Dimapur, Jun 3: The NSCN-IM on Tuesday said that the Government of India and the “NSCN” never agreed to work out a solution within the parameter of the Constitution of India.

The outfit said this while reacting strongly to the reports carried in Guwahati based English daily newspaper, The Assam Tribune with regard to the position of Indo-Naga peace process.

“This is response to the statement made by highly placed official of the Government of India published through R.Dutta Choudhury in The Assam Tribune on May 14,2008 on the position of Indo-Naga peace process,” said the NSCN-IM.

The outfit clarified by saying, “Be it informed that at no point of time, NSCN and the Government of India have ever agreed to work out solution within the parameter of India constitution. NSCN has repeatedly said that Indian Constitution in no solution to the Indo-Naga political issue. It is a political issue, not constitutional. That’s why from the very outset, it was mutually agreed upon that the talks will be held on the basis of without condition, at the Prime Minister level and in third countries”.

The outfit then said that NSCN-IM leadership has also made it clear that Nagas are not demanding sovereignty from India or any other countries. “The sovereignty of a people is not a commodity to be given or taken away by any power. Both the parties subscribe to the concept that sovereignty is with the people. Sovereignty of the Indians lies with the Indian people. And there should be no doubt about it that sovereignty of the Nagas lies with Naga people. Ours is a case of invasion and we are defending our sovereignty against the aggressors. We will continue to do so in the future too”, added the NSCN-IM.

The outfit further clarified and said, “We all know that the global political problems are settled through negotiation. We believe in negotiated settlement. The eleven years long negotiations would be only wastage of time, money and labor if the talks were meant for acceptance the Indian constitution. There is no denying that the talks have been going on in the spirit of working out mutually acceptable solution. But we are opposed to imposition of one’s will upon the other”.

The informal discussion between Th.Muivah, Ato Kilonser (Prime Minister), Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim and Mr.MK.Narayanan, Special National Secretary Advisor to the Prime Minister of India was confined to the explosive situation in Nagalim particularly in Dimapur only, stated the NSCN-IM.

It also said that comparative study of the world constitutions including that of the Indians and other relevant agreements and accord papers of the nascent states for working out the best acceptable solution should not be misconstrued. It is so because we want to be apart of solution, not problem, added the outfit.

“We are strongly opposed to the logic of demanding land from others. Nagas have no reason and right to demand land from India or any other countries. The Nagas have their own right to demand land and they have been living in their own land since time immemorial. People and land are inseparable. Nagalim is the priceless inheritance of the present Nagas from their fathers. Nagalim is our-everything and no power can take it away from us,” affirmed the outfit.

It then said that since it is Indo-Naga political issue, “we are” talking with the Government of India. The Nagas have no issue to talk with others. Therefore, it is un-conditional and irrelevant to talk with others out of context, while the issue is being discussed between two rightful parties, it added.

Viewing from the context of the present situation people are bound to think that Government of India is trying to backtrack the mutually agreed terms of talks by using anti-Naga people’s elements and Indian mass media, said that outfit while dismissing, “The publication of the Assam Tribune’s concocted versions is a revelation of wicked and treacherous policy to impose the will of India upon the Nagas, but for the NSCN, we are deeply committed to negotiated settlement if war is not imposed on us. We will abide by our commitment”.



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