Social Unity – Khotang Kituahna

– By Samuel Samte

As I settled down for my MA final exam, I came across a section/portion from one of my paper- criminology, which can be matched up to the present situation of the ZSP, DB. An abstract from it: (Police Administration, IIYr. Paper VIII, Criminology, page-107)

Factors that keep the family/community organized:

1. Unity of Objectives:

An organized family (can we read as ZSP, DB?) possesses unity of objectives. That is, its members possess similar views and ideas on the most important aspects of their joint activities such as care and discipline of children, their education, as location of various items in the family budget, maintenance of home, question of sex relations and other matters of deeply personal nature.

2. Unity of Personal Ambitions:

In a free democratic society, the individuals may have their own personal ambitions and they may not harmonies with one another. But in a well organized family, the individual members must subordinate (to lessen or sacrifice) their personal interests to the welfare of the family as a whole. For instance, the husband may have an ambition to become a big shot in the business circle and the wife’s ambition may be to become a leading figure in the lady’s circle. Although their ambitions are reasonable, if they stand in the way of caring for children, both the husband and wife must sacrifice their ambition. If they try to pursue their personal ambitions at the cost of the care for their children, it is not merely an irresponsible behavior but also a repressible act.

3. Unity of Interest:

All the members in a family have responsibility to it. They have to work together for its well being. This they can do only when they hold the interests of the family above their personal interests. It is natural that as individuals, the members in a family may have their own personal interests. But if their personal interests are not in favour of the collective well being of the family, the basis of the family will be undermined or ruined. So, the individual members must subordinate their personal interest to the collective interests of the family and work together in the interests of the well being of the family. Then only the family will remain strong and organized.

I hope the above small extract will serve as an eye-opener to all our organizations and to the ZSP, DB at large. Long live ZSP, DB!!


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