Saikot stays awake as miracle plant seekers swarm

Churachandpur, Jun 15 : Ever since The Sangai Express reported the story of Chawilien’s miracle curative plant sometimes back, the otherwise quite and serene locality of Saikot has stayed awake 24 hours for six days a week, hosting the fanatical gathering vying for the plant extract.

With tens of thousands flooding the locality every passing day, and the queue for the next day’s distribution taking its shape from 8 pm every day, Saikot literally is struggling to adapt with its sudden ascend in public radar.

Road side dhabas and hotels have witnessed unprecedented transactions, and though many have opted for 3 to 4 hours break a day, some dares to differ.

Pan dukans, hotels and motels, dhabas, restaurants, public toilets, and even second hand shops have dodged the village, assuming life of a vibrant township.

In fact, they were never disappointed for they have people with them, in thousands, who burn the tiny mosquito repellent coils even at the darkest hours and stay awake.

With the tale of Chawilien’s miracle plant gaining significance every hour, the daily turnout at Chawilien Cancer Medicine and Research Agency now witnesses a crowd of not less than 10,000 every day.

Saturday and Monday being its peak days, the number usually exceeds the 20,000 mark.

In a staggering consequence, CCMRA today witnessed a record breaking turn-out of 30,000 .

The 4 km stretch between Lamka township and Saikot village was jam-packed with vehicles even after three playgrounds ‘ Saikot, Muolvaiphei and Rengkai were filled.

NCC cadets and State forces were deployed to assist the volunteers in regulating traffic.

Despite their best efforts and creation of diversions atleast the traffic remains in chaos even by 4 pm.

IPR & PHE Minister and the local MLA TN Haokip visited the agency and held a discussion with the agency officials including the legendary Chawilien.

The Minister has instructed the PHED officials to see that there is no dearth of safe water and promise to take the SP into confidence to regulate the traffic in future.

He has also urged upon the agency officials to identify the points where ’sintex’ for storing drinking water needs to be installed.

TN Haokip, the first high-ranking officials to visit the place also took note of the plea made by the agency to improve its infrastructure, including a hygienic public toilets.

The State Government has, despite the magnitude of its seriousness in monitoring and assisting the agency in developing better infrastructure at least for the basic needs of the people has so far opted to sidelined the Saikot affairs.

And, this very fact has attracted sharp criticism on the Government both from the public and the agency alike.

People have to endure the rain and remain stranded in muddy paths and sat on the streets at night.



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