3 siblings die within 20 mins, Mysterious deaths stalk CCpur hamlet

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Jun 17: Three children of a family allegedly succumbed to an unknown cause yesterday at Bungpilon village and all of them wore a yellowish appearance, highly placed sources said today.

The children of Thuang-khopau Samte, identified as Thangsianmuang 12, Man-sonngai 10, and Vung- nunhoih 6 allegedly deve- loped severe headache since Friday last due to unknown cause and three of them expired yesterday within 20 minutes of each other.

A doctor whom the family consulted by phone said that their illness was a mystery to him as he was consulted only by phone. Initially he suspected liver complications to be the cause but after their yellowish appearance was related to him he had suggested cerebral malaria, the deadliest form of malaria to be the cause.

Located on the border of Tipaimukh and Thanlon sub-division with close proximity to Mizoram, Bungpilon is located in a very hostile terrain and bringing the seriously ill children to the township for treatment is impracticable said a source, when enquired, why they were not rushed to a well established medical institute for treatment.

The first of the three expired at around 1pm yesterday while the others follow suit within a span of 20 minutes, the source said.

On receiving the information the CMO Dr Singkhojam has dispatched a team of medical officials from the malaria department headed by an MO to conduct a spot investigation. The team has left for Bungpilon early today and the Medical Department’s report will be available once the team returns with their findings, the CMO said.

Local MLA V Hangkhanlian and Power Minister T Phungzathang, who incidentally was born on the village has met at the latter’s official chamber yesterday and requested the concern minister intervention in investigating the mysterious death. According to local media reports, the minister has instructed the villagers to immediately bury the bodies as precautionary measures, allegedly on the instruction of some medical practitioners. The deceased children were students of Convention English School, Bungpilon and have no other complications other than the reported headache. Meanwhile a female calf climbs the rooftop of one Pagin of Kaparang on Sunday in rare conduct known of a cow and their siblings. Fearing, the rare conduct of the calf could be an omen; its owner Joy, son of Kulamjat of Bualjang has already slaughtered the calf yesterday. The 7/8 foot tall thatched roof where the calf dwell for about half an hour is also due to be dismantled said a source close to the family.

Source: http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/News_pages/Local_page-06.html


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