Cautionary notes on ‘miracle plant’

By Our staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Jun 17 : Apart from social activist Amrit Singh Pahwa cautioning the citizens to consult medical science experts before consuming the ‘Damdawi miracle plant’ extracts, Head of Radiotherapy Department in the Regional Cancer Centre, RIMS (Imphal) Prof Th Tomcha Singh suggested that State authorities take all necessary measures to prevent fatal consequences.

In separate statements issued to the press, Amrit Singh conveyed that he had been consulting medical professionals and experts to find the truth of the ‘miracle plant’ whose popularity has been growing with each passing day while the RIMS Professor highlighted that for every new medicine to be brought to the level of mass use a minimum of 10 years research work is necessary.

According to Prof Tomcha Singh’s statement even though the Chawilien miracle plant ‘Damdawi’ has all the medicinal properties as claimed by the plant’s discoverer, the same needs to be confirmed from a scientific perspective through intensive research to identify the active agent, determine the appropriate dose and know the immediate and long term side effects including anti-dotes thereof.

The professor’s statement also informed that in the few days of his (Chawi-lien) treatment, side effects like diarrheal, allergic reactions etc., have been report- ed and asked the Government of manipur to initiate all possible measures for safety of the civilians rather than remain as a silent spectator.

The professor further informed that every new medicine has to undergo research in the laboratory including testing on mice, rabbit, guinea pig etc and ultimately in human beings.

Only if the medicine is consistently efficacious and side effects are tolerable, the researcher has to apply to the drug control authorities like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for USA and Drug Control, Govt of India (DCGI) in case of India for permission of mass use, detailed the professor while adding that only after approval by the authorised agency on its beneficial effects the medicine can be marketed and put to mass use.

Further noting Chawi-lien’s claim of the herb capable of curing all diseases, Prof Tomcha cauti- oned that some diseases are contradictory to one another and as such there cannot be any single medicine which can cure all ailments.

“In general, medicines which have anti-cancer properties will be harmful for infectious diseases such as diabetes etc,” he pointed out and advised all that without prior approval of authorised agent/body and after research with regard to real benefit of the herb and its long term complications, putting human use will be too risky and illegal.

Moreover, use/prescribing of the herb for human usage amounts to putting innocent human beings as experimental animals, the Professor maintained with apparent reference that such action entails punishment under relevant law.

Meanwhile, Amrik Singh Pahwa confided that ever since the Chawilien miracle plant hogged the public’s attention, he has been running around consulting medical professional and experts to find the truth behind it (plant) as it involves many human lives.

Noting with an opinion that people had been visiting in droves to acquire the plant extract, may be due to innocent belief, Pahwa wondered how far the plant benefits still remains a big question and asserted that if the same proves beneficial people of manipur are indeed very lucky, but if not, it should be noted that many lives are at risks. Concerned officials should not be a silent spectator and put its innocent civilians at stake, Pahwa observed.



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