Two Chin teenaged girls raped in Burma: Rapists arrested

June 17, 2008 – In an incident which reveals the debased nature of some people in authority in Burma, a Burmese Army major and a lawyer allegedly raped two teenaged girls in Thangtlang town in Chin state, northwest Burma on June 8.
On June 8, Major Soe Thaik Aung of the Light Infantry Battalion No (268) and lawyer U Myint Phone from the township court in Thangtlang town in Chin state raped Ngun Chin (13) and. Par Ku (14) both from Thangtlang town in lawyer Myint Phone’s house at around 4 p.m. according to locals in Chin state.

After the girls were raped, they were locked up in U Myint Phone’s house.

The father of one of the rape victims is a policeman. He filed a case in the police station in Thangtlang as soon as he learnt that his daughter had been raped and locked up in the lawyer’s house.

Thangtlang police personnel rushed to the house of the lawyer and rescued the girls, a local from Thangtlang said.

A medical check up in Thangtlang hospital confirmed that the girls had been raped. U Myint Phone was arrested and is being detained in Thangtlang police station. Major Soe Thaik Aung is being detained in Hakha police station, according to a local.

One of the rape victims, who has not been identified, is hospitalized in Hakha because she was seriously injured after being sexually abused.

A political person in Hakha town on condition of anonymity told Khonumthung News that he had heard that a seriously injured girl has been hospitalized in Hakha town. ā€“ Khonumthung.


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