Ayush doctors to conduct test on Saikot plant | Rs. 11.70 lakhs meant for Khuga workers salary looted

IMPHAL, Jun 18: a team of ayush doctors has been entrusted to investigate/conduct test for confirmation whether the Chawlien (Ranlung) Damdawi plant of Saikot has anti-cancer properties as well as herb extraction processes. Conveying the matter to The Sangai Express today, Health Minister Ph Parijat, who is currently in New delhi said the ayush team, apart from carrying out initial studies with regard to side effects of the herb extract would also provide feed-back to the Government on the hygiene context of the processing methods. Further informing that the doctor team had been advised to examine medicinal ingredient of the plant, Parijat said in case curative properties could be found necessary steps for its further studies and research would be initiated by the Government.


Rs. 11.70 lakhs meant for Khuga workers salary looted

IMPHAL, Jun 18: Two gunmen looted money in cash amounting to Rs. 11.70 lakhs in broad daylight today from the officials of the irrigation and flood control department from Khuga multipurpose project in Churachandpur.

Reports said that the two gunmen snatched away the money from the officials of the IFCD Khuga head work division who were traveling in a Maruti car before they could reach their office at the Khuga dam site at around 11.45 am.
The officials were travelling in the car without any escorts.
The amount was meant for distribution of salaries of the employees for the months of March, April and May, the report said.
The amount was for payment of salaries of 25 employees of the IFCD posted in the division, according to the report.
Source: Imphal Free Press

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