Ah, Just to Get Some Attention..!

– Lyan Samte

Looking around our so-called Zogam (rather rough, isn’t it), it is simply evident that we caught ourselves in an isolated island where the theory of evolution fit us to the hilt. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the war cry, and naturally, while the poor risked their head and tooth in digging out wild roots, fruits and leaves for their daily survival, the richer and fitter class come, straight facedly cheated and shamelessly snatched them away.

Even though every square metre of our land is infested with Churches, the absence of morality and ethics seems to make them nothing but a fraud, and indeed, they are. It seems like we have a chronic diseases that will never heal again. The people, who needed the prescription didn’t realize that they really are sick, and even those who realize their sickness, are helpless without any help insight. On the other hand, those who are capable of making a prescription are too busy chasing scholarship money, or prefer to live outside, lest they will be infected as well.

So, hey how about a blind man leading another blind man? The only thing is, we just have to trust each other, hold our hands and be ready to fall down the drain, in case we fall down the drain. Here are a few suggestions from a blind man for the blind men on how to overcome the vicious circle of trouble that we caught ourselves in.

Insurgency is often cited by the government as an alibi for not doing any developmental work, but isn’t it rather the outcome of it. Well, till now we flocked towards the government since it pay us more than the insurgent groups, why don’t we threaten the government that we will flock towards and give full moral and physical support to the insurgents, don’t you think that will at least force them to take a little notice provided we beat the drums loud enough to reach the mainland media?

Give a toy gun to everyone, from grandmother to granddaughter and take picture of ourselves and put them up in youtube, blogspot, wordpress, facebook, orkut, myspace, flickr, etc like it is the actual ground situation and try to get some international attention.

Apparently the butch of women protesting naked in front of the Kangla Fort had stirred worldwide attention, why don’t we think more on that front to get some ‘official attention’ (of course, to our situation, Idiot!). (The men can also do, there are quite a number of influential gay men especially in the west).

Some of us in Delhi can get arrested while plotting to kidnap the Prime Minister (or better still, Sonia Gandhi) and said desperation forced us to do this, i.e. to get national media attention.

Why don’t we all go back to the jungle, i.e. to the wild with lion cloths and no sign of settlement? We will at least catch the attention of some anthropologist and well, environment conservators as well as social activist.

Talking of conservators, why don’t we all become green i.e. vegetarian and environmentally friendly, etc., and write to all the major newspaper of the world crusading as if we were Chief Seathl’s children, and we can ask the PETA and the Green Peace to adopt us.

In the other extreme, we can shout to the world that we eat Dog’s Meat –at least we will get the attention of the PETA and Bridgette Bardot.

The most practical one, and seriously, is to join the Marxist. Marxist have the best grass-root level organization, and gosh, since we won’t be able to climb to the leadership level or as they said, the politburo level, it might just suit us fine. And with the excuse of capitalism, we can lynch all those corrupt officials getting damned rich with bribe money, and the best part, we will have the like of the Karats and Yechurys standing up on our behalf in the Parliament and justifying all our actions.

Talking of bribe, why don’t we do more of what we have been doing all this year to get us into the World’s Most Corrupt State? After facing so many hardships because of this, it’s disappointing to still not make it to the list! Come on guys, this is our speciality!

Let’s do ’97 again… Oh! No-no-no not again! Sorry I started this… My Sincere Apologies… (Even thought the attentions Darfur get and the Celebrities involved in are something… Blah! Never Again. Sorry, my Sincere Apologies –once again…).
Okay, now I said ‘blind man leading another blind man’, so if you are offended by what I wrote, which is not intended at all, I want you to know that you’re not blind –and that you are reading something that isn’t for you. Anyway, thanks for reading…

No Pun Intended!
No Harm Intended!
No Offence Intended!

Source: http://lyansamte.blogspot.com/2008/06/ah-just-to-get-some-attention.html


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