Clash between KRA and KNA, Villagers reduced to refugees status

IMPHAL, Jun 20: The hardships being faced by the innocent civilians due to clash between UG groups continue as nearly 500 villagers of Waakan area of Sadar Hills (Senapati district) under Saikul Police station had fled from their respective homes and are taking shelter at nearby Purum Likli and Champhai villages since June 16 as nearly 200 cadres of KRA and KNA have taken up positions indicating a looming fierce gunbattle.

Nearly 250 villagers including women and children of Maibung Likli and Wakonphai villages are taking refuge at eight ‘worm rearing sheds’ of Sericulture Department at Purum Likli, while around same number of villagers from Waakan, Khokon, L Songphel and H Molnoi villages are taking shelter at various houses of Champhai village.

According to Purum Likli Church secretary K Ningthou, Government has not extended any help despite the fact that the SDO Saikul had witnessed the helplessness of these villagers during his visit to the relief camp some days back. He however conveyed that a medical team accompanied the SDO when he visited the camp. Kuki Inpi, KSO Saikul, Komrem Union and KKL come to the camp regularly with relief materials, Ningthou added.

Ningthou conveyed that the main concern in the camp is seasonal diseases and foodstuff. A pregnant woman from the camp was hospitalised at PHC Sagolmang for delivery, while some children are sufering from diarrhoea, he said and added that it may spread to other villagers if adequate medical aid is not provided soon.

Purum Likli chief Rinneichuong Chongthu appealed to the UG groups concerned to end their standoff so that the villagers may return to their respective homes soon as the sowing season for the year has already begun. If they do not sow the paddy in time, the villagers would be in trouble, he added.

This reporter could witness villagers sleeping on the floor using plastic sheets and cement bags instead of mattress. They were also not having mosquito nets and blankets. A villager said that 40 campers have to stay in the 40×23 ft worm rearing shed.

Narrating the clash between KNA and KRA, a villager who is one of the 250 villagers taking refuge at the shed at Purum Likli told The Sangai Express that around 100 cadres of KRA arrived early morning of June 16 from the Molkon side to disperse around the same number of KNA cadres who had taken control of Waakan area since the past four/five years. It might also be a revenge ploy by the KRA after the KNA launched a massive attack some days back at Molkon area, which is known to be a stronghold of KRA, he speculated.

Meanwhile, a team of United Committee Manipur headed by its president Konsam Langamba visited the relief camps today.

The team extended help with six and four bags of rice (50 kg each bag) to the camps at Purum Likli and Champhai village respectively. The team also donated Rs 500 to the relief camp of Purum Likli.

Speaking to the villagers, Langamba said that UCM would try its best to press the Government to do the needful for the villagers. He also appealed to the UG groups to end the clash that has severely affected the villagers.

It may be mentioned that two KNA and one KRA cadres were on June 9 during a clash at Molkon area, while a civilian was killed on June 13 as he was hit by stray bullets during a clash at Saikul area.



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