Ccpur gets Rs. 10 crs under nregs for 2008-09

By : M Kaimuanthang

Churachandpur, Jun 27: For the purpose of executing various development works in Churachandpur during 2008-09 Rs. 10 crores has been sanctioned through the national employment generation scheme, NREGS and only those villages who have executed works properly in 2007-08 will be given the schemes with project coordinators of NREGS being made ready to do the needful, said the deputy commissioner A Sumant Singh, IAS, today while briefing the press at his office.

He further said that all BDOs/PO as well as DRDA staffs will be sent to verify villages, who will collect facts on whether concerned village authorities ensure card holders performed the 100 days work, whether only 50 days have been paid to the villagers, is the sanctioned cost for kutcha/earth work and materials utilised for the purpose and whether expenditure record has been submitted to the concerned authorities and so on.

In Churachandpur there are 10 TB blocks and the verification process is nearing completion, he said.

Stating that in case a fake job card is detected it will be cancelled outright, he said village authorities who didn’t get the schemes later than others for the period of 2008-09 owing to their failure to carry out as per the guidelines cannot blame the district programme coordinator and for the same reason all allocated funds may be taken back and even a police case will be made against such village authorities.

While expressing his satisfaction over the manner of implementing the NREG schemes, he said certain hitches that cropped up during the process of implementation were not due to militants but because of the village authorities.

Maintaining that he has submitted a proposal of Rs. 19 crores to combat Mautam famine at interior parts of the district, he said so far the government had not complied with it and if all the funds coming from the government were properly implemented no separate funds would be needed.

Imphal Free Press


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