ZDV quits from KNO

SOURCE: The Imphal Free Press, www. kanglaonline. com

Imphal, Jun 26: The proscribed Zou Defence Volunteers, ZDV, have announced that the organisation will no more operate under the KNO.

Stating this, ZDV president Kamkhanpao, during a press conference held this morning at Zoujang village mentioned that the ZDV was established on October 11, 1997 under the initiative of the undergound PLA, UNLF and PREPAK with a sole objective to protect the Zou community which was seriously affected during the Thadou-Paite clash during 1997.

It started operations as one of the revolutionary organisations in the state apart from its objective to protect the Zou community. They were involved in a major attack on the BSF at Sajik Tampak during 2003 jointly launched by the PLA, UNLF and PREPAK.

He further said that as time went by ZDV fell in the nomenclature of Chin Kuki tribes and accepted an offer from the government of India to sign the Suspension of Operations on October 27, 2005, and under the KNO, along with KNF (Zougam), KNF(MC), HNA, ZRF and USRA established the reunification process.

The spokesman further said that while operating under the KNO during the process of Suspension of Operations with the government of India, there was increasing violence, killings and extortions committed by the various groups under the KNO which was totally against the guidelines of the SoO.

Because of these differing motives of organisations under the KNO who involved themselves in extortions, kidnappings for the ransom and factional fights, the groups recently took a decision to quit the KNO.

He also further mentioned that the ZDV was operating with like-minded organisations like the UKLF and NKF without losing its faith in the SoO, and would never encourage any form of communal or armed violence and would try to restore peaceful coexistence among all communities.

The spokesman finally mentioned that the ZDV had been trying to spread such revolutionary thinking amongst the people and there was possibility it would expand its movement beyond the settlement areas of the Zou community, upto Myanmar, when the time compels them to do so.


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One Response to ZDV quits from KNO

  1. slomi says:

    Kalaisai…….bawl hoi ma2 uh chia,koi khut nuai ah ki um gige sin teh chi’o.pasal hi na hung ki lang pan2, ZOU tangval tha san un.


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