Churachandpur District Students’ Union Press Handout

Dated: Churachandpur 1st July, 2008

The CDSU has been taking up various forms of agitation/demand to the State Government for the welfare of the district over the past couple of years. But till date some of the demands are not implemented. Like, regarding setting up of compartmental examination for HSLC & HSSLC in the District was in the MOU signed reached between the CDSU and the State govt. on 19th Sept. 2006 and time and again a representation was submitted to the Honourable Chief Minister and to the Board of High & Higher Secondary Education, Manipur on the 14th June, 2008. But it is regretful to note that the govt. keep mumps and ignore despite of the many pleas and rightful demand.

Therefore, the CDSU takes strong exception over a deliberate failure on the part of the govt. to honour the MOU that was signed with CDSU and for their apparent lack of concern towards the grievances of the students and people of the Churachandur district. Hence, in this regards CDSU convened a Joint meeting with Churachandpur District. Hence, in this regards CDSU convened a Join meeting with Churachandpur District Private School Association (CDPSA) on 28th June 2008 on this issue and unanimously passed a resolution to pursue the matter more vigorously as when it deem suitable. Moreover, the CDPSA gives us assurance that they will continue to extend their full support and co-operation that the CDSU may undertake in our fight for what is our inalienable rights for the cause of the students of Churachandpur district.

Further, also resolved that, the CDSU will not hesitate to join and affiliate to some other board and a series of further means of intensified agitation may be launch if the SPF govt. does not redress and fulfill the demands of the CDSU. Thus the CDSU appeal to all the general public and civil organisations to render their utmost co-operation and strengthen the hands of CDSU for the success of all the demands. The CDSU is ready to adopt all possible measures to safeguard and boldly defend for social justice and basic rights that is naturally and constitutionally ours. By then, if any untoward incident arising out of it will be the sole responsibility of the govt. of Manipur.


Secretary, Inf. & publicity


About Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi Delhi

Zou Students' Association Delhi Branch
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