American Idol puts Jesus Christ first in life

By Dan Wooding

BO Bice, the long-haired Southern rocker who was the first runner-up in the fourth season of American Idol, says that despite his success, he puts Jesus Christ first in his life.

In a recent interview with Bice on the red carpet at the 2008 Hero Awards sponsored by Feed The Children at the Universal Hilton, Universal City, I did for ANS and Safe Worlds IPTV, I asked him how he kept his feet on the ground with all the recent success he had experienced.

“It’s about having people around you that keep you grounded and for me, in my life, Jesus Christ is first, and then family, and then the music business. The music business is going to have its ups and downs and, just like in anything else, as long as you’ve got good family and got your head on your shoulders, that’s what is going to get you through the hard times.”

I then asked Bice how he found Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

“I was raised in the church, but I was a wild partying cat when I was younger, just like everybody else of my age,” he said. “Once you live that out, you start to search for more for me when I was about twenty-five; I really started to walk with Christ. I stumble like everybody else, and some days or weeks are better than others, but as long as I’ve got Him in my life, I’ll get through whatever I’m going through.”

I then asked him if his hair-style was based on that of Christ.

“I’m going for the Jesus look,” he smiled. ‘We’re going back to the Jesus days.”

What was the American Idol experience like for him?

“It was just a wild experience for me,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting to be wrapped up in a pop show and didn’t think I was going to make it too far so I was the one who was wrong. American Idol was great for me and I wouldn’t have a career without it.

“Now with a new winner David Cook, who’s a rock and roll guy, finally taking it home, I think American Idol has had a transition. They’re coming up will be season eight now so I’m anxious to see how it’ll change again.”



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