IFCD minister extols Khuga progress | Damdei trade flourishes

Lamka, Jul 5: The IFCD minister Biren Singh , MLA Lokeshwar and a host of VIPs from the department paid a flying visit to the Khuga Multipurpose Project today from about 11: 30 am today to oversee work progress at the dam.

While briefing the press at the dam, the IFCD Minister said that the power generating motors which had been purchased in the year 1993 at a cost of Rs 1.9 crores is not upto date and has to be reordered to suit present needs of the people adding that the motors were stolen and some parts destroyed during the 1997 ethnic clashes though some of the remnants could be seen even now.

New machines costing Rs 7.25 crores capable of producing 1.5 megawatts of power have been ordered from Kolkata which took 15 months to reach the state he reiterated, adding that with only 7 months remaining, the machineries will be installed soon

Conducting a trial run of water speed at the right side of the canal running, the Minister declared that the speed was found to be good and satisfactory. He further said, “The spillway gate is ready and electrical operation will be performed later. The power components will be completed within 6 months from now, while all other areas are ready to be operationalzed.”

Thanking the contractors for their patience with their due bills, he said that it was due to cooperation of the local public that much progress could be made. Once the Dams are commissioned, residents of Churachandpur district will reap the maximum benefits as it will generate jobs and other employment he said while maintaining that beautification process are also on the way with plans to construct a tourist spot.


Damdei trade flourishes even as govt delays laboratory reports

Imphal, Jul 5: There is still uncertainty over the fate of the medicinal plant Damdei of Churachandpur district even though the plant was discussed by a high level meeting of the state government following the constitution of a state advisory committee for the proper identification of the plants in terms of medicinal and commercial value.

Despite meetings presided jointly by three state Cabinet ministers at the conference hall, Manipur Old Secretariat which decided that the matter of proper investigation of the highly medicinal plant would be handed over to laboratories in India, there has been no immediate intervention to restrict the use of the potion to avoid unprecedented health hazards after consumption of unhygienic or overdoses by patients.

Till today there has not been any significant move from any R and D institute as well as from the state’s concerned authorities for conversion of this potential high value bio-resource into economic wealth.

It may be mentioned that the state health minister Ph Parijat during a recent high level meeting pointed out that a team of state AYUSH doctors had been deputed to Saikot village to investigate the present status of the treatment and processing norms of the potion and for further R and D. The matter would be placed before the state Cabinet, he said.

It may also be noted that with the objective of coordinating all matters relating to sustainable development of medicinal and aromatic plants including drawing up of policies and strategies for conservation, proper harvesting, cost effective cultivation, research and development, processing, marketing of both primary and processed products the State Medicinal Plants Board Manipur (SMPB Manipur) was constituted as board vide Govt. order No.25/1/01-M(Pt) dt.23.09.05.

The board headed by the secretary/commissioner health government of Manipur comprises members from the departments of agriculture, horticulture, forest, Manipur University Canchipur, Central Agriculture University, IBSD, NEIST, environment and ecology wing, etc. with AYUSH department as nodal agency. The board itself is well packed with all the experts/scientists specialized in its own discipline. On the contrary, the State Medicinal Plants Board still remains dormant for reasons not known to the general public.

In such a situation, there is apprehension from the general public over the possibility of artificial vanishing of the highly medicinal plant due to over exploitation before a proper scientific validation is done by the state authorities and experts of the state.

Source: Imphal Free press


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