Delhi’s nod for NSCN(U) camp irks NSCN(IM)

Dimapur, Jul 7: New Delhi’s ‘go-ahead signal’ to the NSCN-Unification to establish a designated camp at Khehoi village, some two and half kilometers away from Vihokhu camp, under Dimapur district, has irked the NSCN-IM.

It is pertinent to note that the decision to this effect was taken at the recent Cease Fire Supervisory Board (CFSB) meeting at Chumukedima Police Complex in Dimapur convened by the Government of India’s Home Minitry.

Officially, the outfit recommended by the Government of India is the NSCN-K group.

However, after that day’s meeting NSCN-Unification leader Hokato Vusshe informed the media that the government of India had permitted his outfit to establish a camp at Khehoi village near Vihokhu village.

It may also be reminded that the headquarters of the NSCN-Unification near Vihokhu village had been over-run by the rival NSCN-IM on June 26 last. Meanwhile, the NSCN-IM on Monday accused that ‘the dirty hands of divisive intelligence agencies come into play to advise the Government of India to leave the matter among the Nagas and enjoy the fireworks that follow’.

“When given the signal by NSCN to the government of India that anything could happen at Vihokhu if nothing is done to remove the illegal camp, there was that pretentious seriousness of sincerity to do the legality by evicting the illegal Vihokhu camp. But the dirty hands of divisive intelligence agencies come into play to advise GoI to leave the matter among the Nagas and enjoy the fireworks that follow. The fire did took place at Vihokhu camp leading to the huge lost of lives and property never seen in the history of the Nagas, with as many as 30 precious souls falling lifeless in the camp and nearby jungles. Unfortunately, all the dead bodies belong to
Azheto-Mulatuno-Kitovi group. The group deeply mourned the dead as ‘one of the darkest chapters in the Naga struggle for sovereignty (unification). For India it was just another fulfillment to keep the Nagas fighting among themselves, and despicably, the greatest laugh India went through,” alleged the NSCN-IM in a statement on Monday.

The outfit stated that immorality and irrationality the government of India knows no meaning when applying to the Nagas. The NSCN-IM statement further said that before the dust settle down after the attack of the ‘Naga Army’ at Vihokhu camp, and even before the blood soaked grounds are cleansed by the rains that follows, the government of India is at ‘its game again to rub NSCN the wrong way by giving its approval to the rival group to establish its designated camp at Khehoi which is less than 10 kms away from Dimapur and two kms from Vihokhu camp’.

“Naturally, this comes much to the chagrin of the NSCN. It was a deliberate ploy to dictate the tempo of the game to test the nerve of the NSCN again. To make the matter worst this happens at the hands of the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG) Chairman Kumawat who was rejected by NSCN for breaking ceasefire ground rules when appointing him,” further alleged the NSCN-IM.

The NSCN-IM tthen stated that the logical sense has no place for India when it has ‘to bulldoze’ its way against the Nagas, and “what better occasion for NSCN to condemn the scornful act of India having its own way, knowing too well the implication of going headstrong in the issue that is turning sensitive and explosive”.

“But to laugh away when the Nagas fights among themselves has been the consistent and persistent policy of India. History of Naga struggle is replete with this hard and harsh reality. But the hard fact is that many Nagas who professed to be national workers only indulged themselves deep into rhetoric aggression rather than wriggle out of the messy and bloody
situation. In the deeper analysis of the agonizing scenario, the purpose of India to keep the Nagas fighting among themselves must be defeated. This horrendous policy has to be cut short at any cost lest the vicious circle of violence and killing cost us beyond the limit,” asserted the outfit’s

It also alleged that killing among the ‘national workers’ is nobody’s pleasure, except for the government of India. “And that is the reason why the Indian govt. will continue to act sinister to prepare more grounds for battles among the Nagas to go on. The vulnerability of the Nagas to this deadly trap has taken heavy toll but the obstinacy remains unshaken,” claimed the NSCN-IM.

The outfit then asked,”Who feel the bloody pinch when killing was carried out in the sweet name of unification? How many innocent families were left fatherless, and wives turned into widows?”



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