Water from Khuga dam canal causes flooding at fields

By Kaimuanthang
Churachandpur, Jul 9: Just as the state government was preparing for the nauguration of the Khuga multi purpose project, unexpected floods at paddy fields caused by a possible leakage from the main canal at T Semuol are giving sleepless nights to the public of Churachandpur as well as the dam authorities. At a stone’s throw from M Semuol village the Khuga dam canal water flowing during the trial run on July 7 night caused sinking of > the ground soil. The sinking of the ground resulted in a big hole of > around 25 meter depth attracting all the volume of waters penetrating down > the culvert hole down the canal.

Soon after the water dispersed and submerged at a pond lying near the > culvert, the overflow of water continued to go downward to the nearby > paddy field which resulted in an artificial flooding of the paddy field. > Meanwhile, despite the major artificial flood at the paddy field due to > the weakness of both sides of the canal walls none of the officials concerned have visited the affected site till today.

Jamthang, chief of the affected M Semuol village told this correspondent that at least all the village areas which the irrigation canal pass through must be well maintained so that unnecessary incidents along with the possibility of human casualties to the farmers may be avoided. He further said that due to the sudden flood cultured fish worth around Rs. 4000 have been lost and demanded compensation from the concerned department.

About 10 hectares of full grown paddy fields at the side of M Semuol have been flooded by the seepage of water. The matter was put before the concerned district administration today officially for necessary action, he added.



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