After Khuga, another canal breaches

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Jul 10: Days after the khuga canal breaches during its trail run, another canal about a farlong from the khuga canal breaches yet again at Ngurte village, about 7kms from here.

The canal which irrigates about 500 acres of farmland, according to Lalhmuok Famhoite, Secretary of Eastern Khuga Farmers Association breaches on Tuesday night. As the main source of water for the farmland breaches, half of the water that was hose-off from Tuikham rivulet was now wasted, he said.

The canal constructed by the minor irrigation department is likely to lose more soil and water, and may eventually breakdown if not immediately mended, he adds.

Mizo Rally: Taking their annoyance to the State Government, the marginal Mizo community here today staged a rally in protest against the recent spate of violence committed against the law-abiding citizens of Mizo populace in the State.

An apparent offshoot on the killing of Langsanglia-na, today’s rally held under the aegis of MPC made it known that the community is against ‘brutal and merciless torture and killing of innocent Mizo men by insurgents’ and that the State Government is neglecting them.

In its memo address to the Chief Minister, the rallyists call on the State Government to protect the Mizos in the State and to award ex-gratia to two of its ‘innocent’ youths who were executed by insurgents.

KNF (MC) parades rapist:

An armed wing of the KNO, KNF (MC) today, somewhere in the district paraded a seventeen-year-old youth who was accused of raping two minor sisters on July 3.

Parading the alleged rapist and the two minor girls before the media, KNF (MC) C-in-C Th German Kuki said, the minors – three-year-old and seven-year-old sisters were exploited on broad daylight inside their residence at Gangpichai.

The sisters were the six and seventh children of Letkam of Gangpichai, and they were the only ones at home when the youth exploited them as their parents were out of station and their elder siblings not at home.

Identifying the youth as Paozangam, 17 son of Ngamhao of Gangpichai, the outfit’s commander said his offences being one of the most shocking crime ever witness in the region, he will not be pardoned for his deeds. KNF (MC) reportedly arrested the rapist yesterday and ever since he was placed under their custody to face their ultimate judgment.



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