ZDV in Kamkhanpao tawpsak

ZDV in Kamkhanpao tawpsak

Lamka, July 10: ZDV cabinet in Mr. Kamkhanpao, C-in-C ahihna apan tawp sak ahihdan tuni’n ZDV in thusuah bawl in tua ah CZ Robert in suaikai hi.

Thusuak in a taklatna ah, 10th Nov. 2007 in ZDV CHQ in cabinet meeting nei in tua ah Mr. Kamkhanpao in pawlpi dankalh a a gamtat ziak a kha 8 giat sung nohkhiat a om ahihdan taklang kawm in, hiai hun sung a a kibawlhoih tuanlouh ziakin ahihna C-in-C apan paihkhiak a om hi’n leng taklang hi.

Source: Lamka Post July 11, 2008


ZDV in Kamkhanpao nawhkhia

Zou Defence Volunteer (ZDV) nuai a Information Secretary CZ Robert apan thusuak kingahdan in, November 10 2007 in ZDO/ZDV General Headquarter Zojang ah Emergency Cabinet Meeting nei ua, huai hun ah ZDV C-in-C Kamkhanpao in pawlpi dan bangzah vei hiam a apasal ziak in atungtang ngaihtuah ahihdan gen hi. ZDO/ZDV thusuak in agen zelna ah, huai ni apan kha 8 sung a a omdan tawpsan ding in theisak ua, himahleh, aman a tawpsan tuanlouh ziak in tuni July 10 2008 apan C-in-C ahihna lakkhiak sak ahihdan puang uhi. Kamkhanpao thakhengtu dingin Thangchinkap @ Anthony guan hi’n leng tua thusuak in taklang hi.

Source: Manipur Express July 11, 2008


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One Response to ZDV in Kamkhanpao tawpsak

  1. Anonymous says:

    As far as my knowledge is concerned, I know that Mr. Kamkhanpau is the rightful chief of the Zo Defence Volunteer and he is the one who sign all the official records of the govt of india and manipur. And to those who published a press release were the deserter, staying under some underground groups. I guess it is just a dirty propoganda to malice the good image of Mr. Kamkhanpau Zou.


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