AMSU lauds Heirok move

By : A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Jul 12: While stating that the prevailing situation in Heirok after the prohibitions on the residents by the KYKL and UNLF were unfortunate, the All Manipur Students’ Union, AMSU has welcome the move of the Heirok people rediscuss the situation among themselves.

The students body expressed shock at the fate of the students also caused by the stand off.

The statement of the AMSU while stating that the Centre, state government and security forces were taking advantage of the people of Heirok, blamed them for trying to cause bloodshed among the people of the state.

The most unfortunate thing is the effort to put up the people of Heirok against the revolutionaries by recruiting 300 SPOs. Compelled by the bad economic condition of the state, the 300 people bargained on a honorarium of Rs. 3000 per month and chose to face the revolutionaries. Following the stand of these few people, they are assumed to be enemies by the revolutionaries, the statement said.

The statement also put various questions to the government like will the people be armed against the security forces who were also killing.

If so, there was need for setting up two kinds of SPOs, one for protection from the revolutionaries’ atrocities and another to face the security against extrajudicial murders, it said.

It asked why the government was not considering arming the people of Ngangkha-Lawai who demanded arms to fight against extrajudicial killings.

In the chaotic situation prevailing in the state it has become difficult for men in the age group 15 to 50 years, as the security forces were continuing relentless killings.

In the present context of governance, students who are the pillars of the future, should be kept away from the conflict situation and allowed to learn independently, it said.

The AMSU urged both the Heirok people and the revolutionary outfits to reconsider their stance thoroughly and review their decisions considering the future fate of the students.

It also welcomed the move of the meira paibis who held a meeting with the Heirok people at Heirok part-II yesterday with a hope that the people of Heirok would also take part in saving the state.



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