KSO decries decision of the Education Department

The Kuki Students’ Organisation has come out strongly against the decision of the Education Department to cancel the grant-in-aid for 171 schools. Asserting that KSO had on July 10 issued a statement urging the Govt to reverse it decision, the student body in a statement today said that it will not take the decision of the Govt lying down. The argument that the Education Department can save Rs 25 crores annually by cancelling the grant-in-aid and that same would be utilised to develop the infrastructure in other schools smacks of a larger conspiracy to deprive education to the poor children of the hills where there are no private schools. Stating that this argument is not social justice, the student body said that they doubt whether the amount saved would actually be utilised for bettering the infrastructure of other schools. Most probably the money saved thus will go to line the pockets of the Ministers and the officers, as is the normal practise in the State. Firmly stating that KSO will oppose the decision to close down the schools, the student body said the Govt must withdraw its decision within three days time or else, KSO with other like minded student organisations will take up a series of agitation.

JAC thanks

The JAC Against the Killing of Thangtinsei Kipgen and Limlenbert Haokip has extended its gratitude to all the organisations in bringing about an amicable solution between the JAC and the Government. The organisations include, KRSU, MSF, CDSU, KSO, AMSU, LMS Law College Students’ Union, KWU, KUMHUR and other organisations. In a statement, the JAC said that bodies of the two slain youths have been taken back and last rites performed.


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